Our growing population, along with climate change, means conserving water is more important than ever. 

Find out about ways to conserve water.

Even though our region has a lot of rain in the winter, water shortages still occur in the City.

Water from winter rain and snow melt collects into reservoirs, which have limited capacity. When water use is high in the summer, the reservoirs can get low. This means we need to have water restrictions to ensure we don't run out of water.

Water conservation tips

  1. Rinse fruit and vegetables in a bowl.
  2. Visit a City spray park or swimming pool to cool off in the summer heat.
  3. Use a watering bag or drip irrigation to water trees and shrubs.
  4. Cover soil with leaves, compost, or wood chips to retain soil moisture.
  5. Request a water meter to be installed for your property, so you only have to pay for the water you use.
  6. Check your water meter for potential leaks on your property.

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