Learn about the City's water meter program.

Starting in 2022, a new Volunteer Water Meter Program will come into effect.

The Volunteer Water Meter Program has installed over 35,000 water meters since 2002. More than 75 per cent of single-family homes are now metered in the City. Property owners with metered water service are charged for water at the metered water rate based on their water use, which encourages water conservation and equity of service.

The Volunteer Water Meter Program is not accepting new applications in 2021. 

Starting in 2022, the Volunteer Water Meter Program will align the new meter installation practices for existing and new homes. Property owners who would like a water meter will be required to construct a meter chamber at the property line and the City will provide and install the meter.

More details on the new program will be available in late 2021. 


If you have already enrolled in the program, the City will provide you with an update on the status of your application. 

For more information on your application, call 604-592-7016.


Water Meter Design Criteria

Review the Water Meter Design Criteria Manual that outlines the City's requirements for the installation of water meters on municipal water services.