Man watering a tree with a hose

Learn about seasonal watering restrictions in Surrey.

Stage 1 lawn watering regulations

Outdoor watering restrictions within the Metro Vancouver region, including Surrey, are in effect from May 1 to October 15 each year.

Permitted activities during Stage 1 restrictions

  • An automatic shut-off device (spray nozzle) is required on hoses.
  • Water your edible plants garden at any time.
  • Washing a car or a boat any day at any time with a handheld hose on gravel area or paved area where wash water cannot enter any stormwater drains. We recommend using a commercial car wash that uses less water and treats the wastewater.
  • Washing or pressure washing outdoor surfaces any day at any time with a handheld hose or pressure washer.

  • Filling or topping up a pool, hot tub, ornamental fountain or water feature.

Residential lawn watering

Even-numbered addresses: Saturdays
Odd-numbered addresses: Sundays

  • Automatic watering: 5 to 7am
  • Manual watering: 6 to 9am

Apartments and townhouses follow complex addresses, not individual unit numbers.

Non-residential lawn watering

Even-numbered addresses: Mondays
Odd-numbered addresses: Tuesdays

  • Automatic watering: 4 to 6am
  • Manual watering: 6 to 9am

This includes businesses and mixed-use complexes (i.e. residential with commercial buildings).

Trees, shrubs, and flowers watering

Residential: 5 to 9am for sprinklers, any day

Non-residential: 4 to 9am for sprinklers, any day

Water at any time, any day, if hand watering or using drip irrigation.

Report a water restrictions violation

Call 604-591-4340 or report online

Any complaints received, or observed violations, may result in fines imposed under the Bylaw Contravention Fines (see Schedule 13).

Know when you can water

During stage 1 watering restrictions, any lawn watering, either by sprinkler or by handheld hose, is permitted only one day per week.

Select your property type, enter your address, and find out when you can water:


Special water permits

Special water permits are available for:

  • New lawns: $38
  • Newly seeded lawns: $38
  • Lawns under natural pest control, such as nematode treatments to control European Chafer Beetles: free

Development sites are not exempt from water restrictions and require a permit for new lawn or seeds. 

Apply for a lawn sprinkling permit

Email with your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Receipt (for new lawn, seed or natural pest control)

 All permits are valid for a period of 21 days.

For more information about lawn sprinkling permits, call 604-591-4340, option 5.

For more details on water restrictions in Surrey, refer to the Drinking Water Conservation Bylaw and Metro Vancouver's Drinking Water Conservation Plan.