Find out the due dates for your metered utility area.

If you’re part of the Surrey Water Meter Program, you will receive a Metered Utility bill every four months according to your consumption. The metered utility bill includes water consumption and any applicable sewer and base charges. Pay on time to avoid penalties.

Billing Schedule

Your Metered Utilities bill is mailed out every four months, according to your Metered Utility Area.

Find your metered utility area on the top right corner of your metered utility bill or review the metered utility area map:


Billing Schedule Areas

Bills Sent

Due Date

End of Jan.

Mar. 2

End of May

July 2

End of Sept.

Nov. 2

    Bills Sent

    Due Date

    End of Feb.

    Apr. 2

    End of June

    Aug. 2

    End of Oct.

    Dec. 2

    Bills Sent

    Due Date

    End of Nov.

    Jan. 2

    End of Mar.

    May 2

    End of July

    Sept. 2

    Bills Sent

    Due Date

    End of Dec.

    Feb. 2

    End of Apr.

    June 2

    End of Aug.

    Oct. 2