aerial shot of Nicomekl bridge replacement

The City is building a new Nicomekl River crossing and making other improvements along the King George Boulevard corridor.

Project Description

The City is working with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) to replace the aging single-lane Bailey Bridge and the two-lane timber trestle bridge on King George Boulevard.

The existing bridge structures are in dire need of replacement. The new crossing will be earthquake and flood resilient with four vehicle lanes and multiuse paths for walking and cycling.  

There will also be other road improvements made along King George Boulevard from the Park and Ride intersection to Crescent road. These improvements along with the new crossing will increase the safety, connectivity and traffic flow in this corridor which is a critical link in connecting Surrey’s communities to each other and the region.

This corridor sees over 26,000 vehicles of traffic per day and is a truck route for goods movement. It is also part of TransLink’s frequent transit network and Major Road Network. 

Summary of Improvements

The King George Boulevard corridor improvements from the Park and Ride intersection to Crescent road will consist of the following:

  • a new Nicomekl River crossing with increased capacity from three to four vehicle lanes (two travel lanes in each direction) to improve traffic flow and emergency response times
  • safer cycling and walking paths to support healthy lifestyles and provide sustainable travel options
  • improved seismic and coastal flooding resiliency for increased public safety
  • walking trail for pedestrian connectivity to the Nicomekl Riverfront Park
  • a new connector road from King George Boulevard to Nicomekl Road for improved neighbourhood access and circulation
  • additional north and south bound lanes at Park and Ride intersection to improve traffic flow 
  • improvement to Highway 99 south ramp to King George Boulevard. 

What will this project achieve?

  • Greater public safety with new earthquake and flood resilient bridge structure and increased road capacity to improve emergency response times
  • Reduction in delays and improved traffic flow with the increased road capacity   
  • Travel options that are better for the environment and healthier with the inclusion of multiuse paths for walking and cycling  
  • Improved neighbourhood access and circulation to Nicomekl Road from King George Boulevard
  • Better pedestrian access to the Nicomekl Riverfront Park

Project Location & Design

View Nicomekl River Bridge Replacement Designs for project location map, surrounding area works including Highway 99 Interchange improvements, and road designs.

Diagrams of Nicomekl River Bridge Replacement Profile and Cross Section

Project Timing

The new bridge crossing was completed November 2023.


If you have questions or comments, contact the Project Supervisor, Akber Pabani at 604-591-4401 or email