See how Surrey's policies and programs protect farmland from floods and improve farming conditions.

We've developed several policies and programs to protect farmland and improve farming conditions in Surrey.

The Soil Deposition Bylaw includes enhanced soil management measures and enforcement capabilities to better protect lands and the environment within the City of Surrey, while allowing for reasonable opportunities for soil deposition and removal.

Surrey's dyking program manages and improves drainage of farmland in Surrey. See the New Soil Conservation and Protection Bylaw for details.

Drainage Issues

The province's Drainage Management Guide covers how to prepare a Drainage Management Plan and how to operate and maintain drainage systems.

Dyking Districts

Surrey has 3 dyking districts:

  • Surrey Dyking District
  • Mud Bay District
  • Colebrook Dyking District

Public access is allowed on dykes at Mud Bay Park and Elgin Heritage Park. See also the park plan for Surrey Lake Park.

Dykes are also often located on private property. In theses situations, please respect private property.

Explore City parks in and around the Agricultural Land Reserve.

For more information about Surrey dykes, visit our Floodplains webpage.