Surrey Animal Resource Centre

Learn how to adopt a pet through the Surrey Animal Resource Centre.


17944 Colebrook Road
Surrey, BC V3Z 1C1

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Open Daily - Closed Holidays

Reception Hours
12pm - 5pm

Adoption Hours
By Appointment Only


Phone: 604-574-6622

Fax: 604-574-6629


Animal Services (animal-related complaints): 604-591-4370

Adoption Inquiries

Phone: 604-574-6623


Adopting a Pet

To view our adoptable animals, visit our Facebook page. Once you have found an animal you are interested in, please call or email the Centre for the next steps, including how to make an appointment. 

Contact the Surrey Animal Resource Centre at 604-574-6622 or connect with us on Facebook for more information on adoption.

Adoption Hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

We want to see all of our homeless animals adopted to folks who've thought long and hard about what kind of animal is right for their situation, and who've committed to providing

  • Good nutrition,
  • Regular veterinary care, and
  • Mental and physical stimulation appropriate to the individual animal.

Donating to the Animals

Visit the Kuranda Animal Beds website and follow the steps to donate a bed and give the gift of comfort to a shelter dog or cat. When donating through Kuranda, you will be subject to the business practices and privacy policies of Your personal and financial information will be stored outside of Canada by

If you'd like to help out the animals at the centre, there are many other items they'd also love:

  • Dogs – high quality dog treats, blankets, tough toys like Kongs, food dispensing toys like Buster Cubes, martingale collars, and EZ walk harnesses.
  • Cats – high quality wet and dry food, catnip-free toys, cuddly beds, and interactive toys.
  • Small Animals – little critter houses, chew toys, and PVC piping, cardboard egg cartons, toilet paper tubes.
  • Birds – bird toys, millet, unbreakable tiny mirrors, and cuttle bones.

We'd also love bleach, unscented dryer sheets, gently used towels and flat sheets.

Volunteering at the Surrey Animal Resource Centre

Thank you for your interest in the Surrey Animal Resource Centre's Volunteer Programming.

References and a Criminal Record Check must be complete before attending training at the shelter. After you have attended a general information session you will have the opportunity to sign up for training specific to the program area you are interested in: dog enrichment, cat care, and small animal care. 

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