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Surrey Parks is hosting four tree sales in 2021 to offer quality trees at an affordable price to Surrey residents. 

Your new trees will increase your property value, help the environment, provide shade and insulation for your home, and make your neighbourhood more livable. Each tree planted contributes to growing the urban forest and increases tree canopy coverage across the City.

Eligibility & Limits

  • This program is for private properties in Surrey.
  • Trees are only available to Surrey residents.
  • Maximum three per person, six per household per sale.

August Sale

Sale opens August 18 at 9:00am, and all pickups are on Sunday, September 12 at the Surrey Operations Centre (6651 148 St, Surrey, BC V3S 3C7). A link to the store will be added to this page.

Tree Availability: August Sale

an espalier apple full of red fruit

Assorted combinations of espalier apples, with three types of apple per tree. Espalier trees are trained to grow sideways and not get too tall. Useful to plant along walls or fences.

yellow-red apples on a branch

A wonderful cooking apple, with yellow-green skin and firm, tart flesh. On the larger side of apple trees, growing to 25' and spreading 25'.

crisp red apples on branch

Produces firm, tart dark red apples with a yellow blush. Delicious for eating and baking. Grows to 20'. Extremely cold hardy.

Photo courtesy of NetPS Plant Finder Tool

apples on columnar apple tree

Highly disease-resistant apple grows 8’ tall on a narrow column. Ideal for a small space. Perfect for containers or for a porch or deck.

red apples on branch

Low maintenance and disease resistant. Bred to have resistance to apple scab, cedar-apple rust, fireblight and mildew. Fruit is a crisp balance of sweet and tart.

large beech tree beside building

Medium to large, deciduous tree native to Europe. Leaves are simple, elliptical, alternate, and have a slight shimmer. Leaf edges are wavy. Bark is smooth and grey resembling elephant skin. Depending on the specific species, leaves may be dark green or dark purple.

bright red cherries on branch

Small cherry with delicious dark red fruit with a sweet taste and juicy texture. Also enjoy a showy flourish of fragrant white flowers in mid-spring. Grows to 10’.

Photo courtesy of NetPS Plant Finder Tool

dark red stella cherries

Suited for small gardens due to their small stature. Self-fertile. White blossoms in spring give way to deep red cherries. Resists cracking and is moderately disease-resistant.

Photo courtesy of NetPS Plant Finder Tool

flowering white dogwood

Aurora is a cross between Cornus florida and Cornus kousa. Grows 14-18’ with beautiful white petal-like bracts. Dark green leaves turn to shades of purple in the fall.

bright white flowering dogwood

Commonly called Chinese dogwood, this variety is native to China and grows 15-30’ tall. This shrubby and broad spreading dogwood has large white bracts that bloom for several weeks in the late spring.

Photo courtesy of NetPS Plant Finder Tool

white dogwood flower

Growing to 30’, Starlight is a cross between the kousa and pacific dogwood and boasts beautiful large white bracts in late spring and lush green foliage throughout the season.

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closeup of gingko leaves

Eventually reaching 40’, with a distinct central leader and rounded outline, this long-lived tree has unique lobed leaves that progress from green to yellow in fall. Expect a fabulous display of colour.

hazelnut trees in a row

Enjoy this high-yielding, disease-resistant productive tree. It is compact, growing only 8-12’ tall.

Photo credit:

medium katsura tree

Large, deciduous tree native to China and Japan. Leaves are mostly round to heart-shaped, opposite, and about 5–10 cm long with scalloped edges. Bark is brown to grey-brown. Young bark is smooth, while mature bark is shaggy and furrowed. Branches are very fine and delicate.

big pink magnolia blossom

A vigorous, upright hybrid with large, soft-pink flowers. The hardiness of ‘Yellow Bird’ is combined with the large flowers of ‘Caerhays Belle’.

Photo & information credit:

delicate pink magnolia

Saucer-shaped flowers are deep lavender on the outside and white on the inside. Even young trees put on a flowering show. Its habit is upright and round. This low-branching medium growing clone will eventually reach 25′.

Photo & information credit:

pink magnolia

Bright rose-pink flowers with no purple tones open to 10 inches across. Late flowering (8 weeks later than other pink varieties) and very fragrant. Small to medium-sized upright tree, formal in appearance, to 30 feet.

Photo & information credit:

bright white magnolia

Small to medium, deciduous tree native to Japan. Known for being a multi-stemmed magnolia with a broad, rounded shape. Leaves are large (7–20 cm long), dark-green, pointed at both ends and obovate (like an upside-down teardrop). Brown spots cover twigs. Mature bark is grey-brown. Mature height to 30′.

Photo credit:

bright yellow magnolia

Highly columnar, M. ‘Sun Sprite’ is perfect for the modern compact garden. The 8 inch light yellow flowers with rose striping emerge only after the early frosts have gone. Fragrant and hardy, this August Kehr clone is a winner. Mature height to 30′.

Photo & information credit:

magnolia bloom

Introduced by August Kehr, this well-shaped, narrow growing tree has 7 inch yellow blooms with a rose-pink base, opening just before the leaves emerge making for an exciting color display. ‘Sunsation’ is a repeat bloomer extending the show for a period of weeks. Flowers at an early age. Grows pyramidally to 30 feet.

Photo & information credit:

yellow magnolia

Enjoy 2-3 weeks of flowers with this upright, hardy magnolia. A terrific yellow-flowered selection which blooms as the leaves emerge. Its yellow flowers have a slight tinge of green at the base of the outer tepals. Excellent color and consistency of bloom. Eventually reaches 40 feet.

Photo & information credit:

yellow magnolias

Phil Savage’s most notable hybrid is patented ‘Butterflies’. Considered to be the most superior form of yellow today, this magnolia has a much deeper color than ‘Elizabeth’ and is quite cold-hardy. Neat growing, upright tree with intermediate sized flowers will soon become one of the most popular magnolia hybrids. Reaches 20 feet.

Photo & information credit:

pink magnolia

Black-red buds make this an exceptional magnolia. Compact size, repeat bloomer, lightly scented. 10′ by 5′ to fit the smaller yards.

Photo & information credit:

small parrotia tree

‘Persian Spire’ is columnar and upright. Enjoy exfoliating gray bark and a flush of beautiful leaf colour ranging from yellows, oranges and red. Works well in a tight space.

Photo credit:

parrotia in fall colours of orange

Slow growing narrow upright tree with a dramatic mix of autumn colors: golden yellow, orange pink, and scarlet. Exfoliating gray bark reveals white patches underneath–very showy in winter. Dense clusters of tiny flowers with bright red stamens appear early spring before the leaves emerge. Wavy oval leaves unfurl reddish purple, then mature to a lustrous dark green. Drought tolerant and adaptable to different soils. Grows to 25 feet by 15 feet at maturity.

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peaches on branches

Enjoy large freestone peaches that have an attractive red blush over a yellow back ground. It's yellow juicy flesh has an excellent sweet flavour. The Frost peach is resistant to peach leaf curl. Self pollinating.

pear on branch

Cold hardy, tasty golden fruit useful for eating or jams. Grows to 10-20’. Also enjoy abundant white flowers in the spring.

Photo courtesy of NetPS Plant Finder Tool

espaliered pear along wall

Assorted combinations of espalier pears. Espalier trees are trained to grow sideways and not get too tall. Useful to plant along walls or fences.

plum on branch

Medium-sized plum, with pink-red skin and golden flesh. Great flavor, balanced sweet and tart.

golden plums on branch

Delicious golden plum, great for eating. Tender skin and juicy flesh.

tulip tree in front of house

Large deciduous tree native to eastern United States. Tulip-shaped leaves have a flat base and 2 ear-like tips. Leaves are light green, 7–15 cm long, and alternate. Young bark is light ashy-grey with very shallow, longitudinal, whitish furrows. Mature bark becomes very thick, having deep interlacing furrows and narrow rounded ridges. 'Little Volunteer' grows to 35' tall and 20' wide.

September Sale

Sale opens September 29 at 9:00am, and all pickups are on Sunday, October 24 at the Surrey Operations Centre (6651 148 St, Surrey, BC V3S 3C7). A link to the store will be added to this page.

Tree Availability: September Sale

Tree Care

Learn more from the International Society of Arboriculture on planting a tree in your backyard and remember to water your trees regularly to keep them growing and healthy. 


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