Request a building inspection after making sure your site meets the building inspection requirements.

Request an inspection

You must meet all residential building inspection requirements or commercial building inspection requirements before requesting an inspection.

Any inspections not completed on the scheduled day will be scheduled for the following business day.


By using our online inspection request tool for your building inspection, you can:

  • Request an inspection 
  • View inspection prerequisites
  • View inspection details
  • View and download your inspection slips
  • View inspection results
  • Make online payments 

Request an inspection

For more information on registering for online services, please see the online portal registration guide


Request an inspection by phone at 604-591-4231 and press "1". 

  • Inspections are automatically scheduled for the following business day if booked before 3:00pm.
  • Please note our call system is voice activated so allowing the system to proceed to the next question will ensure all information is requested.

Cancel an inspection

To cancel an inspection, email before 9:00am on the day of your inspection. You must include the civic address and the word "cancellation" in the subject line of the email.

  • Leaving a message on the scheduling line (604-591-4231) after-hours will not result in cancellation of your inspection.
  • Work that is not ready for a scheduled inspection may be subject to a re-inspection fee.

Daily inspection schedule

The inspection schedule is available online, updated daily after 9:40am, on each business day. Refer to the Inspection Area Map to locate the appropriate area list.

If your inspection request address not on the schedule, your call may have been deferred to the next business day. 

After your inspection

Following your inspection, if you have questions or would like to discuss with the inspector responsible for you inspection, please send us an email. The inspector’s email address is available on the inspection slip provided at the end of the inspection.

Inspection requirements

Single family dwellings

Frame inspections

To make a frame inspection request, you must first have the prior inspections:

  • Approval of rough plumbing inspection(s)
  • Approval of electrical rough wiring inspection(s) including low voltage permits

Final plumbing

To make a final plumbing inspection request, you must first have the prior inspections:

  • Approval of building insulation inspection 

Final building

To make a final building inspection request, you must first have the prior inspections:

  • Approval of final plumbing inspection(s)
  • Approval of final electrical inspection(s) including low voltage permits
  • Approval from the Engineering Department

Inspection requests for sites not following the procedures cannot be scheduled. Plumbing and electrical inspection approvals must be granted no later than the day before the requested building inspection (they may not be scheduled for the same day).

Inspections scheduled without the proper requirements will be cancelled without notification.

Construction without permits

To file a complaint about construction you suspect has been done without permits, email or call 604-591-4370. Please note that anonymous complaints will not be accepted.

For complaints regarding existing secondary suites in a home, or construction noise outside designated construction hours, please contact Bylaw & Licensing Services at 604-591-4370.

Please refer to the Bylaw Library for authorized construction hours (See Community, 7044 Noise Control - Section C). For concerns regarding site safety issues, such as fencing or possible asbestos removal, please contact WorkSafe BC.

Community care facilities & day cares

An application review and inspections are required to be completed by the Building, Electrical, and Fire Departments within the City of Surrey in order to operate a child (day care), or adult care facility. See our Community Care Facilities Licence Inspection Request page for more information on opening a Community Care Facility.

Business licensing inspections

The Business Licence Inspection Process involves inspections by the Building, Plumbing, and Electrical sections within the Planning & Development Department. Inspections are performed after an application is made with the Business Licensing section.