Find information on scheduling commercial inspections, booking group inspections, and the final document checklist for commercial inspections.

For commercial and multi-family Projects, our Final Document Checklist outlines what documents need to be submitted for final building approval. Requirements may vary based on individual circumstances. Approved permits and plans are required on site for all inspections.

All Plumbing and Electrical permits are required to have rough-in approval prior to scheduling a frame inspection, and final approval prior to scheduling a final building inspection.

Permits with Engineering requirements cannot be scheduled without Engineering approval in our system. Review the engineering requirements for building permits for more information. If these requirements are not met the inspection will not be scheduled and you will not receive a notification.

To contact the Engineering Department please call 604-591-4340.

The following information will be required to schedule inspections:

  • Building permit number
  • Inspection type (ex. framing)
  • Address
  • Name
  • Phone number

Building inspection requests made without the proper information cannot be processed. See Building Inspections for more information on scheduling.

Group Inspections

In many cases a Group Inspection will be required at the Final Inspection. A Group Inspection will be required for new commercial buildings (including apartments), some tenant improvements, and townhouse projects.

When booking the final inspection for the first building in each phase of a townhouse project, as well as at the end of the project, a group inspection is required to be arranged. If you are not sure if a group inspection is required please consult your building area inspector.

Before scheduling a Group Inspection, all related Plumbing and Electrical permits must be closed. The Engineering Department must also give approval prior to booking the inspection.

Group inspections consist of a representative from Building, Plumbing, Electrical, Fire, and Fraser Health (if applicable). The final documents and checklist are required to be submitted to the Building Inspections section two business days (12:00 pm) prior to the scheduled inspection.

Inspections are scheduled for 1:15 pm and require the Architect and Sprinkler Engineer (if applicable) to attend the inspection. Failure to submit original documents within the specified time frame may result in the cancellation of the group inspection.

Please contact Building Inspections at 604-591-4231 and press “0” to speak to a staff member to arrange a date for a Group Inspection. Receipt of the final documentation at City Hall does not result in an automatic booking of the inspection.

Final Documentation

Send final documentation to:

Building Inspections Clerks (2nd Floor West)
Planning & Development, Building Division
City of Surrey
13450 - 104 Ave
Surrey, BC V3T 1V8

If documents are sent to the wrong department or floor this will cause a delay in processing the paperwork for the inspection and could result in a delay of the group inspection.

The final document package must include:

  1. Final Document Checklist
  2. All applicable C-B Schedules
  3. All final documents listed on the checklist (where applicable)

Commercial Building Permits

For questions relating to the status of a commercial permit or revision, contact your commercial plan checker directly.

Learn more about Commercial Building Permits.