a fridge dumped on the side of the road

Get information to report illegal dumping in Surrey, and learn how we enforce the by-law to keep our streets and lots clean.

Illegal dumping is a serious and growing problem in Surrey. It's not just a city beautification issue, it's an issue that can have many other effects on the environment and on residents.

When you contact us regarding illegally dumped garbage, one of our City representatives will investigate the complaint. If the garbage is on City property, City staff clean up the items.

If the garbage is on private property, such as a vacant lot, we will enforce City bylaws relating to the unlawful dumping or accumulated garbage. Call 604-591-4370 to report illegal dumping in Surrey, or report online.

Report Illegal Dumping


Garbage Dumped Illegally on Private Property and Vacant Lots

Unsightly properties

Properties in the City of Surrey have to be maintained at an acceptable level. Examples of items considered unsightly in the Surrey Property Maintenance and Unsightly Premises Bylaw include:

  • Accumulation of junk,
  • Discarded materials and garbage,
  • Dead landscaping,
  • Uncontrolled growth of landscaping, and
  • Deterioration of fences, buildings or other structures.

Make an online complaint about an unsightly property or contact us at 604-591-4370.

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Negative Effects of Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping makes up only 0.012 percent of the total annual solid waste generated in the City but can have serious effects on the environment, wildlife habitat and the ability of others to use and enjoy outdoor recreational areas. Illegal dumping also:

  • Increases health risks - Abandoned and decaying garbage attracts rats and other disease-carrying creatures.
  • Increases environmental risks - Illegal dumping of hazardous waste contaminates soil and water.
  • Increases costs - Collecting abandoned garbage costs money, which is passed on to taxpayers.
  • Encourages more dumping - Abandoned garbage, even small amounts, becomes a full-scale dumpsite in only a few days. Allowing garbage to accumulate on vacant lots, in front and backyards, and in green spaces only makes the problem worse.
  • Contributes to other illegal activity - Tolerating illegal dumping sends a message to violators that these and other types of non-desirable activities are OK in your neighbourhood.