A permit is required to temporarily close any road, cycling, or pedestrian facility in the city.

Effective June 1, 2024: Request to Proceed (Road Booking) submissions are no longer required for Traffic Obstruction Permits.

You must obtain a Traffic Obstruction Permit before you obstruct or temporarily close any road, cycling, or pedestrian facility for any reason.

Applications for a Traffic Obstruction Permit can be made online or in person at city hall.

Find the permit fee in Schedule B of the Highways and Traffic Bylaw.

Apply Online

Required documents

You must submit four items as part of your Traffic Obstruction Permit Application Package:

  1. Traffic Management Plan: You must submit a site-specific Traffic Management Plan, designed in accordance with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Traffic Management Manual for Work on Roadways.

    Follow our Traffic Management Plan Requirements for help with your submission. You don't need to submit traffic management plans or drawings for local roads with minor obstructions, including requests for storage container/bin in parking areas. As the applicant, you must provide the traffic control figure number that will be implemented.
  2. Certificate of Insurance Form: A Certificate of Insurance form must name the City of Surrey as an additional insured for the minimum amount of 5 million dollars.
  3. Designation of Prime Contractor Form: You, as the applicant, will be named as the Prime Contractor on the permit and will be responsible for the health and safety of all persons on the job site. This designation of prime contractor form does not need to be submitted for servicing agreement projects. There are two types of Designation of Prime Contractor forms – one for capital construction projects and one for all other purposes.
  4. City of Surrey Business Licence: Complete a City of Surrey Business Licence application online.

Traffic Control Manager

Your Traffic Control Manager will be responsible for all aspects of your traffic control and will be the City's point of contact for any matters related to traffic control and must be available at any time while the obstruction is underway. A Traffic Manager is permit-specific. You are able to select different individuals for different permits, if required.

Other permit information

Related permits

You may also require the following permits in addition to the Traffic Obstruction Permit:

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