Skytrain with a black and white high rise in the background

Learn how City of Surrey is moving forward with a SkyTrain extension along Fraser Highway.

We’re moving forward with a SkyTrain extension along Fraser Highway. It will connect Surrey and Langley, and the rest of the region.

As the backbone of our rapid transit network, SkyTrain will offer riders fast, frequent, high-capacity service. Our focus is to get Surrey residents where they need to go quickly, safely, and affordably.

Project Map

The plan will be built on commitments of the TransLink’s 10-Year Investment Plan.

This will be a 16-kilometre Surrey-Langley rail rapid transit project. The SkyTrain will travel on an elevated guideway along Fraser Highway. It will provide a seamless, eastward extension of the existing Expo Line. King George Station will connect to Langley Centre through Fleetwood and Cloverdale/Clayton.

The proposed project includes:

  • 8 stations, 
  • 3 bus exchanges,
  • more park and ride spaces,
  • 55 SkyTrain vehicles, and
  • an operations and maintenance centre.

Download Full Sized Map

A line map of Surrey to Langley

Growing Cities

Surrey and Langley are among the fastest-growing cities in the Lower Mainland.

Over the next 30 years, the City of Surrey, City of Langley, and Township of Langley are expected to

  • welcome more than 400,000 new residents and
  • create 185,000 additional jobs.

This growth will place pressure on our transportation system, economy and environment. More than 79,800 people will be within reach of using the Fraser Highway line by 2030. By 2035, the daily ridership is forecasted to be 62,000 resulting from the increased land use development along the corridor. This will help reduce growth of automobile use in South of Fraser and encourage first and last mile trips by active transportation.

Planning for Growth

To support SkyTrain we will be creating new land use plans along the corridor. We will also be reviewing and updating existing land use plans. Through these we will be supporting the development of walkable and vibrant Transit Oriented Communities.

As a first step, we've completed a series of background studies. These provide context and analysis for the land use plans along the corridor. The following land use plans will be initiated or updated to support the SkyTrain extension:

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Public Engagement

TransLink's next round of public engagement which was scheduled for September 2020 on the Surrey Langley SkyTrain project, was postponed due to provincial election. TransLink is working with B.C.’s new government on next steps to align project direction and confirm project schedule including public engagement.

Early Works

Early Works to prepare for Surrey-Langley SkyTrain include the Fraser Highway Widening from 96 Avenue to 148 Street and the removal of the digital billboard sign on Fraser Highway.

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