A road sign that reads "Fraser Highway Widening: SkyTrain Early Works"

The City plans to widen Fraser Highway from 96 Avenue to 148 Street.

Project Description

As part of Early Works to prepare for the Surrey-Langley SkyTrain project, the City will be widening Fraser Highway from 96 Avenue to 148 Street. The improvements include two lanes of travel in each direction, enhanced culverts for fish and wildlife passage and expanded multi-use paths for cyclists and pedestrians to align with SkyTrain.

Project Benefits

Fraser Highway is part of TransLink’s Major Road Network (MRN), a key corridor for the movement of people and goods for the region.  This segment of Fraser Highway is currently one of the busiest two-lane roads in Surrey and Metro Vancouver with approximately 28,000 vehicles per weekday.

With Surrey continuing to be one of the fastest growing cities in the lower mainland, more and more residents will rely on Surrey’s roads and transportation system to get around. Traffic modelling shows that even with SkyTrain, the need for four lanes is required by 2035 due to the growth and future density along the corridor.

This project will achieve the following benefits:

  • Safer cycling/walking paths integrated with SkyTrain alignment
  • Reduced traffic congestion, delays and idling
  • Increased road capacity to meet future growth. Four vehicle lanes will provide a capacity of 45,000 vehicles per day to meet the City’s long-term horizon.
  • Improved fish and wildlife passage with enhanced culverts

Project Design

The City has worked closely with TransLink to develop an optimal road design that minimizes impacts to the environment while integrating with SkyTrain alignment. The City significantly reduced its 4-lane cross section standards of 40m to 22.5m to reduce the road footprint. The customized design includes the following improvements:

  • Two lanes of travel in each direction (the additional roads will be built within the road allowance, not in the Green Timbers Heritage Forest)
  • Multi-use paths for cyclists and pedestrians paths (within road allowance)
  • Extruded concrete curbs
  • Enhancements to existing culverts to improve fish  and wildlife passage
  • Street lighting 
  • Traffic signals

The project is following the regulatory environmental permitting process. 

Project Timeline

Construction will begin in July with instream works in August and September to align with the Provincial and Federal restrictions for instream works and bird nesting. Project is anticipated to be complete by 2022.




If you have questions or comments, please contact the Design & Construction Division at 604-591-4253 or EngWebmail@surrey.ca.