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See how we’re investing in our communities through Surrey's Capital Construction Program.

Every year through the City’s Capital Construction Program, Surrey's Engineering Department delivers hundreds of capital projects.

2022 Capital Construction Projects

Some of the 2022 projects planned for construction in Surrey include:

  • Nicomekl River Bridge Replacement and Other Improvements
  • Fraser Highway Widening - SkyTrain Advance Works

  • 84 Avenue Improvements from King George Boulevard to 140 Street

  • 32 Avenue corridor improvements from King George Boulevard to 160 Street
  • Timely re-pavement of arterial, collector and local roads to help minimize long-term maintenance costs
  • Construction of intersection improvements, pedestrian crossings and sidewalks to enhance traffic safety
  • Delivery of coastal flood adaptation projects funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation such as the Colebrook Dyke upgrades
  • Construction of more than 15 kilometres of watermain, drainage and sanitary sewers to meet the growing demands for safe drinking water and continuing to provide adequate conveyance of drainage and wastewater

Capital Construction Map

View an interactive map to see upcoming projects planned for construction or in the design phase for future construction.

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Current & Upcoming Projects

Transportation Projects

Transportation projects build and maintain a safe, sustainable, integrated transportation network. Work includes completing streets designed for those who walk, bike, take transit and drive.

Energy Projects

Energy projects that use low-carbon, renewable resources to provide heat and hot water to residents are underway. The West Village District Energy Centre is Surrey’s first permanent district energy plant.

Drainage, Water & Sewer Projects

Drainage projects include strengthening dyke and flood control in Surrey’s lowlands. They also include rehabilitating natural drainage features and building sustainable drainage features like detention ponds and perforated pipes for stormwater management.

Water projects include upgrades to deliver fresh drinking water to Surrey homes and businesses through the City's more than 1,800 km watermain network. 

Sewer projects include increasing Surrey's capacity to move liquid waste for treatment through one of the largest sanitary sewer networks in the province.


For more information on the Capital Construction Program, contact Victor Jhingan, Design & Construction Program Manager at or 604-591-4339.

For questions about private land development work, contact the Engineering Department Land Development Division at 604-591-4276 or