Review City of Surrey's Servicing Plan for transportation, drainage, water and sewer upgrades over the next 10 years.

The City of Surrey Engineering Department's 10-Year Servicing Plan establishes programs for engineering infrastructure works and services that are required to support projected growth and the needs of the existing population.

The Servicing Plan is developed based on a number of significant planning documents, including the Official Community Plan and approved Neighbourhood Concept Plans.

With Corporate Report R031 2023, Council endorsed the Engineering Department's 10-Year (2023-2032) Servicing Plan. The total cost of all of the projects included in each of the various categories of infrastructure in the 10-Year Servicing Plan are listed on page 5 of the plan.


Project funding is comprised of growth funding, non-growth funding, and/or external funding. Non-growth funding is from general revenue streams through transportation levies and utility fees. Growth funding is revenue generated through Development Cost Charges and the 1 percent of City funding assistance.

Projects may also receive external funding from stakeholders, such as TransLink, who contribute to the construction of and safety improvements on the Major Road Network.

The 10-Year Servicing Plan is not a commitment to constructing all of the identified projects – projects will be constructed on a year-to-year basis as funding becomes available.


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