The City is investing in 148 Street with road improvements from 58 Avenue to 64 Avenue.

Project Description

The City plans to make improvements to 148 Street from 58 Avenue to 64 Avenue to enhance the neighbourhood and increase road safety.

Road improvements include:

  • paths for safer walking and cycling
  • new traffic signal at 60 Avenue
  • streetlights
  • road paving
  • and resurfacing of intersection of 64 Avenue and 148 Street

The City will need to use road allowance to make space for the multiuse paths for cycling and walking and to provide parking where possible. If your property has any encroachments (e.g. a gate/hedge) in the road allowance, please remove them before construction starts. This will allow the project to be completed in a timely manner. 

The new road design will remain one travel lane in each direction. 

The project will also include watermain and storm sewer upgrades.

Project Timing

We anticipate construction to begin in March 2024 and be completed by fall 2024.

Road improvements will be completed before the opening of the new Snokomish Elementary School scheduled for spring 2025.

Project Design

Below are the map of road improvements, street cross section drawings, and before and after artistic rendering of a segment of the road.

Artistic renderings of 148 Street corridor:

View of 148 Street before construction.
View of 148 Street after construction.


If you have questions or comments, please contact the Design & Construction Division at 604-591-4253 or