This image shows a well-maintained urban road viewed from the center, with a median strip covered in red bricks.

The City is investing in 80 Avenue to improve traffic flow, road safety, and neighbourhood access.

80 Avenue is a key east-west corridor

This busy corridor serves Newton, Surrey’s most populous town centre. Improvements along this corridor between 120 Street and King George Boulevard are needed to help reduce congestion, prepare for future growth, and increase road safety for all road users. 

Key corridor highlights of 80 Avenue include:

  • Residents use 80 Avenue to access homes, jobs, businesses, shops, banquet halls, places of worship and more.
  • 80 Avenue is a major truck route. Keeping traffic moving is essential for the movement of goods and services and our economy.
  • Traffic volumes along 80 Avenue currently range from 15,000 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) to 18,000 AADT which generally warrant road widening to four lanes.
  • Certain sections along this corridor are lacking in proper cycling and walking paths.

Project description

We anticipate that congestion will increase, and traffic will get worse, with Newton’s projected residential, commercial, and employment growth. To help mitigate this, we plan to widen 80 Avenue between 120 Street and King George Boulevard from two to four travel lanes.

We also plan to add multi-use paths for safer cycling and walking to give residents more travel options.

Project timing

80 Avenue improvements will be done in multiple projects:

  • Project 1: 128 St to 132 St - Completed in 2018
  • Project 2: 120 St to 128 StCompleted in fall 2023
  • Project 3: 132 St to King George Boulevard - Construction anticipated to begin early 2024
map showing stages of construction

Project 3: 132 St to King George Boulevard

This is the last phase to complete this project. Key improvements include:

  • Repaving and widening the road from two to four travel lanes to reduce congestion and prepare for future growth
  • Adding a new traffic signal at 134 Street to improve access and safety
  • Adding a new pedestrian crossing at 133A Street to improve pedestrian access
  • Adding multiuse paths on both sides of the street for safer cycling and walking.

In order to widen the road for additional lanes and multiuse paths, it will be necessary to remove existing on-street parking.

View map of improvements
View street design cross sections

Completed projects

Project 2: 120 St. to 128 St.

Key improvements included:

  • Repaving and widening the road from two to four travel lanes
  • Improving access, safety and circulation with a new traffic signal at 122 Street and a new pedestrian crossing at 126 Street
  • Adding two-way left-turn lanes, where possible, to allow full movement access to the commercial businesses along the corridor
  • Adding paths for safer cycling and walking

Providing additional vehicle lanes will require the removal of on-street parking along 80 Avenue.

See map of improvements as a PDF.

View street cross-sections as a PDF.

Project 1: 128 St. to 132 St.

Project 1: 128 St. to 132 St. was completed in 2018.


If you have questions or comments, please contact the Design & Construction Division at 604-591-4253 or