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We have started a multi-year process to create a new community plan for Fleetwood. The process will help us plan for growth as the community changes and SkyTrain extends along Fraser Highway.

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Plan Area

The Fleetwood Plan Area measures approximately 858 hectares (2,118 acres) stretching form Green Timbers Urban Forest in the west towards the Agricultural Land Reserve in the east. 

Fleetwood proposed boundary map

Process & Timeline

Step 1 involved preliminary planning and engagement and sets the stage for a comprehensive planning process.

Background Studies

The planning process began in early summer with the preparation of background studies. Studies provide background and analysis necessary for land use planning. In this case, they also provided important information to support the Surrey Langley SkyTrain Business Case.

Background studies were initiated July 2019. They are comprehensive and usually undertaken by professional consultants or city staff. The following background studies were completed within the Fraser Highway SkyTrain corridor:

  • Market Study: A review of development opportunity and analysis of market demand for residential and commercial land uses. It also includes estimates and projections of absorption rates of new development. 

    Fraser Highway Skytrain Corridor (Market Supply and Demand Study)
  • Environmental Study: An assessment of riparian, aquatic and terrestrial habitats, as well as vegetation and significant tree canopy. This highlights areas of environmental sensitivity for consideration in land use planning.

    Fraser Highway Environmental Assessment
  • Heritage Study: An inventory and assessment of key heritage buildings, trees and other features. It will also include a literature and archival scan of the Corridor. This will highlight areas and features of heritage significance for consideration in land use planning.
  • Growth Forecasts: Preliminary population and employment forecasts will generate data for the SLS Business Case submission. This is part of the requirements to advance the SkyTrain project.

Community Engagement

We hosted a preliminary open house on November 13, 2019. It was accompanied by an online survey. Information from the open house and survey will help start developing a vision for the future of Fleetwood. 

In spring 2020 we will began exploring options. The objectives were to:

  • Build awareness and a vision for Fleetwood
  • Gather public input on key objectives & report back
  • Confirm plan boundaries
  • Tackle big challenges; and
  • Explore growth options

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, the City focused on virtual engagement through this step in the planning process. This involved online surveys, virtual stakeholder meetings, online workshops and a social media campaign. Work during this step included:

Once growth options were explored and a preferred growth concept and vision for Fleetwood emerged, we began developing a draft plan in spring 2021. This step involved comprehensive community engagement to help review and provide input. During this step we are working with the community to develop the following draft plan components:

  • Land Use Concept 
    To illustrate potential building density, height and uses across the plan area.
  • Transportation Concept  
    To illustrate the future road network, as well as proposed walking, cycling and transit infrastructure.
  • Parks and Open Space Concept 
    To illustrate the location of future parks, plazas, open space and natural areas.
  • Draft Fleetwood Concepts - April 20, 2021
    For discussion and further refinement

These three concepts typically make up the main parts of the draft plan. This step concludes with Council endorsement of a preferred draft (Stage 1) plan. After that we continue to work on refining the plan through Step 4.

Once Council has endorsed a draft (Stage 1) land use plan, staff will undertake the final (Stage 2) planning process. This process will include:

  • Detailed engineering and financial analysis
  • Refinements to land uses
  • Community benefit planning
  • Development of urban design guidelines

Stage 2 work will also include more opportunities for community engagement.

Once the Plan is ready staff will report back to Council seeking endorsement of the final (Stage 2) Fleetwood Plan. This step includes:

  • Writing and editing the plan document
  • Presenting the plan to Council for review
  • Final plan endorsement from Council

Contact Information

Markus Kischnick, MCIP, RPP, Community Planner
Planning & Development Department
Phone: 604-591-4485