Review the Neighbourhood Concept Plan for the Fleetwood Enclave Area of Surrey.

The Fleetwood Enclave refers to a small residential neighbourhood in south Fleetwood, adjacent to Fleetwood Park.The area is well served by parkland and is home to an important habitat corridor that connects Surrey Lake and Fleetwood Park.  

This land use plan provides direction on the development in the area, including the type and density of development, new parkland and habitat corridors and engineering infrastructure.

Plan Area

The Fleetwood Enclave is bordered by Fleetwood Park in the east, the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) in the south and Eagle Quest golf club in the west. In total, the plan encompasses an area of 25.7 hectares (63.5 acres).


    Background Information

    In 2011 Council received an application for development within the Enclave area. As part of its consideration of the application, Council passed a resolution which directed staff to prepare a land use plan for the larger "Fleetwood Enclave" area. 

    In March 2013, following a comprehensive public consultation process, Council endorsed Corporate Report R049 which approved the Fleetwood Enclave Concept Plan. Later that year Council also endorsed Corporate Report R161 which approved the Engineering Servicing Strategy and Financial Strategy for the Plan.

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