row of parked electric cars in parkade

Join Surrey in reducing community greenhouse gas emissions through the use of electric vehicles (EVs) and see the City's map of electric vehicle charging stations.

Charging Locations & Fees

The City provides dozens of electric vehicle charging ports for public use. To help recover costs and reinvest in expanding Surrey's charging network, the City charges fees that are comparable to neighbouring municipalities. Fees for use of the public chargers are listed below:

Level 2 chargers 

  • $1 per hour of use

Level 3 chargers 

  • $0.20 per minute for first hour of use
  • $0.40 per minute for subsequent hour(s) of use

In high-demand locations, a maximum stay may apply so other users can get a turn. Access at individual facilities may vary based on hours of operation.

Find the charger closest to you:

Problem with an EV Charger?

Submit a report using Report a Problem, or call Parking Services at 604-598-5887.


Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Environmentally Friendly

EVs do not emit greenhouse gas emissions, which helps Surrey reduce community gas emissions. BC’s electricity is generated by 98% clean sources, further making EVs an environmentally friendly choice.

Cost Savings

The average B.C. driver can save more than $2,000 in fuel costs annually. Compare electric to gas-powered vehicles to see what you can save.

Less Maintenance

Fewer moving mechanical parts and a gentler driving style lead to lower wear and tear and less required maintenance for EVs. A recent Canadian EV cost study concluded that on average, there was a 47% maintenance cost saving for electric vehicles over gas-powered vehicles.

Quieter, Smoother Ride

Electric motors are nearly silent, making for a much quieter ride through Surrey neighbourhoods. With features like immediate torque, silent ride and premium performance, EVs are also fun to drive.

Road Usage Perks

As an EV driver you can enjoy perks like access to HOV lanes and public charging stations. Public charging stations also provide convenient parking.

Increased Selection & Charging Convenience

EVs are growing in popularity with diverse models and price points coming to market. There are now more than 40 types of electric vehicles available in BC. There are also more charging facilities in Surrey and across Canada.


EV Charging Requirements for New Developments

In February 2019, the City of Surrey amended its Zoning Bylaw to require EV charging infrastructure in all new residential and commercial developments. Read the EV Charging Infrastructure requirements bulletin.



The City began supporting electric vehicles and providing public charging facilities in 2012. This has included:

  • Grant funding from the province to locate one of the country’s first publicly available free Level 2 chargers in Surrey.
  • Addition of 2 Level 3 “DC Fast” chargers – one at City Hall and one at Cloverdale Town Centre.
  • 33 Level 2 charging ports at public locations throughout the City.
  • The City operates 9 electric Nissan Leaf vehicles as part of our corporate vehicle fleet.
  • The construction of any new gas station now requires complementary EV chargers.

To support growing demand for electric vehicles and encourage the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Surrey, City staff continue to develop new EV policies and strategies. These policies will improve everyone's access to EV charging ports in public and private locations. Read about our Electric Vehicle Strategy.