Four green lights, one with an arrow

Fully-Protected Left Turns

In Surrey, 80% of crashes where someone is killed or seriously injured happen at intersections. That’s why we’re investing in “Fully-Protected” left turn signals. Learn more about fully-protected left turn signals and where to find them in Surrey.

Leading Pedestrian Intervals

Leading Pedestrian Intervals (LPIs) are traffic signal timing features that give pedestrians a head start into the crosswalk before the vehicle green is shown. This allows drivers to see pedestrians more easily and reduces pedestrian-vehicle crashes.

A crosswalk under the skytrain line

Drivers Take a “Double Take”

Higher speeds increase the severity of all crashes and the number of those who are killed and seriously injured. That’s why Vision Zero Surrey, Surrey RCMP and ICBC have partnered on Operation Double Take. The program pairs an officer “cut-out” with an RCMP Member who remind drivers to slow down and follow the rules of the road.

To date, the program has seen a 12 per cent decrease in vehicle speeds and drivers complying with the posted speed limit doubled when the cut-out was deployed. Learn more about Operation Double Take.


police standing beside a carboard cutout of himself

Those Who Remain

These are some of the families who have lost loved ones on our roads. Serious collisions are rising. It's time for Vision Zero Surrey.