Learn about safe vehicles and highlights of our planned safe vehicle actions.

Safe vehicles that incorporate safety features can either prevent a crash, or absorb some of the crashes forces to decrease injury severity. As roads are increasingly managed within intelligent transportation systems, we can expect safety to become more hardwired into vehicle technology.

Highlights of our planned Safe Vehicles interventions include:

Distracted Driving with phone in hand

Technology to Combat Distracted Driving

Technology allows people to block incoming emails, text messages and social media updates while driving. Surrey will work with our partners to pilot these and other technologies.

Shopping Container Truck on Road

Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement

Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement promotes compliance of safety regulations within the commercial transport sector, with the goal of improving road safety and protecting public health, the environment and transportation infrastructure. Surrey will work with them and other partners to improve commercial vehicle safety in Surrey.

Self Driving Vehicles

Automated Vehicles

Automated (autonomous, driver-less) vehicles have the potential to be a significant contributor to reducing collisions. Surrey will pilot automated vehicles to better understand their impact on road safety and enhanced infrastructure. Increasingly, our roads and vehicles will be managed within Intelligent Transportation Systems which rely on these emerging smart mobility technologies.

Traffic Stop Lights on Red

Upgrade Traffic Signal Controllers

Traffic signal controllers are the computers that control traffic signals. Surrey is investigating the use of newer styles of controllers that enhance our Intelligent Transportation Systems, including vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) communications, to alert drivers to changing conditions.

City of Surrey Fleet Vehicles

City of Surrey Fleet Vehicles

Surrey employees use fleet vehicles to conduct a variety of work, including road maintenance, snow removal, signage installation, and other work. Through cross-department collaboration, we will work to improve the vehicle safety of the City’s fleet vehicles.