Learn about safe road users and see highlights of our planned safe road user actions.

The Safe Road Users pillar addresses human behaviours that contribute to collisions. While we will design and build safe roads to minimize human error, the safe system requires that all road users follow the rules of the road. When road users fail to comply, enforcement of un-safe actions will be ensured by law enforcement and through the use of technology.

Safe Road Users work will also focus on ensuring an understanding of laws and signage. We will employ a varied approach to education and engagement of all community members. Not withstanding that even the best drivers, riders and walkers will make mistakes or wrong decisions, having safe road users who accept their share of responsibility is an important part of a safe road system.

Being a safe road user involves more than understanding and following the rules of the road, it involves:

  • Having greater awareness of road safety issues,
  • Understanding one’s abilities and limitations,
  • Taking necessary precautions to stay safe.

Highlights of our planned Safe Road Users interventions include:


Police directing traffic

Police Traffic Enforcement

Working together with our law enforcement partners we will address driver distraction, speed and impairment which are a big part of our collision prevention priorities. High visibility enforcement is proven to have a major impact on lowering high risk behaviours that contribute to increased collision risk and severity.

Open Binder


Annual Road Safety Report

Road safety data will be analyzed and reported out to Surrey citizens ensuring we create a culture of transparency amongst partners and stakeholders. Road safety is everyone’s responsibility and only by understanding the impact of our actions can we plan for a future where road deaths and injuries are a thing of the past.

Do not Drive and Text

Road Safety Campaigns

Message-tested content and multifaceted mediums will be deployed to target high-risk populations and affect culture shift at both the individual and collective levels. New and enhanced education and engagement programs delivered in partnership will be part of the strategy to build a public narrative around safe mobility for all.

Child Safe Crossing

Safe and Active Schools Program

Bringing together outreach, education, training and infrastructure upgrades, our Safe and Active School Program is about making the daily trip to school safe and active. Through the Program, the City currently invests approximately $4.5 million each year to improve road safety around Surrey’s more than 100 elementary schools. To support our Vision Zero Surrey goals we will further enhance this already successful program by introducing new initiatives using the Safe Systems approach.

Building on more than 600 engineering upgrades made to date, we’ll add new pedestrian crossings, sidewalks, improved signage and traffic calming measures around schools. Working with school administration, we will continue to create Safe Routes to Schools, addressing traffic safety issues and reducing pick-up and drop-off congestion.

husband and wife take a survey on a tablet

Safe Mobility Culture Surveys

Our surveys will be used to collect input from residents on their perceptions of which behaviours are un-safe, how their own behaviors align with their beliefs about road safety, and their perspectives on effective measures to target risky driving behaviors. This input will be used to inform our Vision Zero work, and over time can help us understand how attitudes towards road safety are changing.

two youth playing a traffic education game

Targeted Education and Outreach Campaigns

Delivering targeted communication and outreach to reach our most vulnerable populations and in ‘hotspot’ areas, where and when its needed most, is a key priority for Vision Zero Surrey. Leveraging data and mapping, we’ll connect the community with neighbourhood specific information, address specific safety issues and promote skills and safe behaviours.

ICBC blue sandwich sign

Partnerships Leveraged To Extend Reach and Impact

Vision Zero Surrey’s education and engagement efforts will leverage community-trusted social service agencies and our partner organizations to ensure that our campaigns are inclusive and equitably delivered.

Man on Bus Holding Tablet

Vision Zero Surrey Digital Strategy

Inciting a new Vision Zero Surrey city-wide conversation requires that partners maximize use of their owned and social media channels. A central Vision Zero Surrey website will be our hub of information. Using highly trackable and measurable web-based media, we will share interactive mapping and videos, support road safety campaigns, talk about our work and create dialogue.