A crosswalk under the skytrain line

Leading Pedestrian Intervals at major intersections in Surrey are helping to keep our most vulnerable road users safe.

Finding ways to help keep our most vulnerable road users safe is a key priority of Vision Zero Surrey. That’s why the City of Surrey has implemented Leading Pedestrian Intervals, or LPIs, at various signalized intersections around the City.

Studies have shown that crashes involving pedestrians commonly occur when they are crossing intersections and are struck by drivers turning left or right. LPIs help reduce conflicts that can happen between vehicles and pedestrians at intersections.

How Leading Pedestrian Intervals Work

Typically, pedestrians and vehicles enter the intersection at the same time. The light changes green for drivers and the “WALK” sign illuminates for pedestrians. This is when conflict can occur. LPIs are traffic signal timing features that give pedestrians a head start into the crosswalk before the vehicle green is shown. This allows drivers to see pedestrians more easily and reduces pedestrian-vehicle crashes.

We are currently leading the province with more than 70 LPIs in place.

Benefits of LPIs

Leading pedestrian intervals have been shown to:

  • reduce vehicle-pedestrian crashes by approximately 60 percent;
  • increase pedestrian visibility by giving them a head start into the intersection;
  • be extremely low-cost with high safety benefits.

Just One Push of a Button

At intersections with an LPI, the “WALK” button must be pressed to get the head start. The traffic signal timing at these intersections is re-programmed to give pedestrians the “WALK” sign for 7 seconds while all vehicle lights stay red. This time allows pedestrians to get further into the intersection and be more visible to drivers before vehicle traffic signals turn green.

LPI Implementation

LPIs are most suitable for streets where most vehicle traffic makes left and/or right turns. Even with very low pedestrian volumes, turning vehicle-pedestrian conflicts are concerning. As a result, we generally implement LPIs at:

  • any T-intersection that has a crosswalk where pedestrian-vehicle conflict can occur, and
  • 4-legged intersections where a high proportion of vehicles are turning.

No matter who you are, where you’re going or how you get there, we all have a part to play to ensure we get home safely." — Vision Zero Surrey

Pedestrians Only

When the pedestrian pushbutton is pressed, pedestrians are given a 7 second head start to enter the intersection. Vehicles are shown a red light during this time.

graphic diagram of 4 way crosswalk

Pedestrians & Cars

After 7 seconds, through and left turning vehicles are given the green light to go. Pedestrians are now more visible to drivers and turning vehicles must yield to those already in the crosswalk.

graphic diagram of 4-way intersection

LPI Locations

City Centre

102 Ave at City Parkway
104 Ave at City Parkway
104 Ave at Old Yale Rd
106a Ave at King George Blvd
94a Ave at King George Blvd
96 Ave at 138 St
98b Ave at King George Blvd
Green Timbers Way at 140 St
Mall Access at King George Blvd
Mall Entrance at University Dr
Old Yale Rd at University Dr


88 Ave at 133a St
88 Ave and Bear Creek Park Access
90 Ave at 120 St
90 Ave at 132 St
96 Ave at Green Timbers Way
96 Ave at Prince Charles Blvd
Prince Charles Blvd at 128 St
100 Ave at 138 St
104 Ave at 142 St
108 Ave at 142 St
110 Ave at 126 St
115 Ave & Bridgeview Dr


152 St Frontage at 152 St
60 Ave at 152 St
62 Ave at King George Blvd
64 Ave at 126 St
66 Ave at 148 St
66a Ave at 152 St
68 Ave at 137a St
70 Ave at 138 St
70b Ave at 128 St
72 Ave at 121 St
72 Ave at 126 St
72 Ave at 148 St
74 Ave at 128 St
76 Ave at 144 St
76 Ave at 152 St
77 Ave at 140 St
80 Ave at 130 St
80 Ave at King George Blvd
80 Ave Mall Access
8000 Block at 152 St
84 Ave at 128 St
84 Ave at King George Blvd
86 Ave at 128 St
Panorama Dr at 152 St
Sitka Dr at 152 St


91 Ave at 152 St
98 Ave at 160 St
96 Ave at 190 St
100 Ave at 144 St
100 Ave at 150 St
100 Ave at 160 St
100 Ave at Green Timbers Way
101 Ave at 150 St
101a Ave at 160 St
103a Ave at Grace Rd
103 Ave at 160 St
104 Ave at 157 St
105 Ave at 156 St
152 St at Sitka Dr


80 Ave at 168 St
84 Ave at 146 St
84 Ave at 148 St
85 Ave at Venture Way
86 Ave at 152 St
92 Ave at 152 St
Fraser Hwy at 166 St


63 Ave at 168 St
64 Ave at 166 St
64 Ave at 177b St
64 Ave at 194 St
65 Ave at 184 St
68 Ave at 184 St
72 Ave at 194A St
73 Ave at 184 St

South Surrey

16 Ave at 192 St
24 Ave at 154 St
24 Ave at 161a St
24 Ave at 164 St
25 Ave at 168 St
26 Ave at 168 St
26 Ave at King George Blvd
28 Ave & King George Blvd
28 Ave at 148 St
28 Ave at 192 St
30 Ave at 160 St
32 Ave at 156a St
32 Ave at 32 Ave Div
32 Ave at Gardens of Geth
32 Ave at 164 St
34 Ave at 152 St
34 Ave at King George Blvd
36 Ave at 152 St
36 Ave at 192 St

Learn More

Pedestrian safety is very important to the City and our Vision Zero partners, as outlined in our Vision Zero Surrey Safe Mobility Plan. There are many ways, in addition to LPIs, that the we work to help keep pedestrians safe on our roads. Find out how by checking out our Safe Roads and Safe Road Users pages.