Request a building records search online and learn the fees for the research services.

Use the Building Records Search to find:

  • Copy of a building permit (includes issuance date)
  • Final occupancy information
  • Inspection notes
  • Square footage of a building

Request an online search

You can request a Building Records Search by completing our online Building Records Search and proceed to a secure checkout using either VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

  • There is a non-refundable search fee for all building records searches.
  • It takes an average of one business day for staff to research and deliver any information found. 
  • Telephone requests are not accepted. 

Request a Building Records Search


Request a survey certificate

A request for a Survey Certificate must be submitted to Building File Registry via email at There is no charge associated with this request. 


Services & fees

Service  Service Fee (includes GST) 
Copy of Building Permit(s) (includes issuance date)   $26.00
Copy of Plumbing Permit(s)   $26.00
Copy of Electrical Permit(s)   $26.00
Copy of Tree Permit(s)   $26.00
Square Footage of Building   $26.00
Final Occupancy Date   $26.00
Survey Certificate No Charge
Oil/Septic Tank Information   $26.00

Copy of Building Inspection Notes

Note: Prior to requesting research related to Building Inspection Notes you may wish to order a Final Occupancy Date, which comes before Building Inspection Notes.

Copy of Plumbing Inspection Notes   $26.00
Copy of Electrical Inspection Notes   $26.00
Copy of Tree Inspection Notes   $26.00


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