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Fleetwood Park

Fleetwood Park

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15802 - 80 Avenue, Surrey BC

About Fleetwood Park

In addition to forested trails and a creek, Fleetwood Park offers a playground, water playground and picnic area, which make it ideal for family outings. Spot fish or other wildlife in and around Fleetwood Creek. Be careful around riparian areas (the areas around streams), because they're extremely valuable and sensitive habitat.

The nature trail around Fleetwood Park is around 1.8 kilometres long. Allow 30 minutes for this walk.

Fleetwood Gardens are also in Fleetwood Park.

The Fleetwood family owned much of the Fleetwood Park land in this area in the early 20th century. In 1917, their son Tom, Lance Corporal Arthur Thomas Fleetwood, was killed while serving in France during World War I and was buried in Flanders Field. The park was named after him and opened in the late 1930s on the eve of World War II. Most of the forest in the southern area of the park has been set aside as an urban forest.

Photo Credit: Scarlet Black