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Admission & Passes Fees

Recreation Surrey pass being swiped.

Building Healthy Communities for Life

At Recreation Surrey, our mission is to build healthy communities where all people are active and engaged for life .

In addition to the many free recreational opportunities offered throughout the year, you can take advantage of our flexible pricing structure, including drop-in admissions and reduced pricing through our 10 and 20 swipe passes, month-to-month passes, and annual passes.

Annual Recreation Pass Promotion

Treat yourself to a gym and we'll throw in the pool and ice rink for free!

Purchase a 1-year City of Surrey Recreation Pass and save up to 40% compared to our month-to-month pricing, PLUS get unlimited city-wide access to our weight rooms, drop-in gym and fitness classes, public swimming, and public skating. No sign-up fees or commitments.

Buy select passes between December 1, 2015 and January 31, 2016 and you'll receive a free month and cardholder AND be entered to win a FitBit!

Adults: $38.90/month
Child/Youth: $19.50/month
Seniors & Students: $29.85/month
Families: $77.58/month

Seniors are eligible to receive a free City-wide Senior Services Membership with purchase of a 1-Year Recreation Pass. (Note: LAP Members are not eligible for this offer.)

General admissions and passes

Our fees for drop-in admissions are valid at all City of Surrey-operated facilities, with the exception of Surrey Sports and Leisure Aquatics and Guildford Recreation Centre - Aquatics.
Our 1-month and 1-year passes are valid at all City-operated facilities.

All prices include taxes. Fees are valid September 1, 2015, to August 31, 2016, subject to change without notice.

The following fees are valid during drop-in times.

  Drop-In 10 Swipe 20 Swipe 1 Month 1 Year
Infants (0-23 Months) Free Free Free Free Free
Children and Youth (2-18 Years) $3.25 $29.50 $52.00 $32.75 $234.25
Adults (19-59 Years) $6.25 $56.00 $100.00 $63.75 $467.00
Senior (60 + Years ) $4.75 $43.00 $76.00 $48.25 $358.25
Senior (90 + Years) $1.75 $14.50 $26.00 $16.00 $116.75
Family (per person) $3.25 - - - -
Family Pass (1 or 2 Adults + Children) - - - $127.50 $931.00
Student* $4.75 $43.00 $76.00 $48.25 $358.25
Quick Fit/Shower Only Fee $3.25 - - - -
Value Pricing (Adult/Senior/Student)** $2.50 - - - -
Value Pricing (Child/*Family/Youth)** $1.75 - - - -

*Student rate requires proof of ID from an accredited post secondary institution.
**Value Pricing is offered at some facilities during non-peak hours.  If a facility offers Value Pricing, the Value Pricing hours will be indicated on the PDF schedule of that facility.

General admissions and passes terms and condition

Family Pass is defined as 1 or 2 parent/guardian(s) with an unlimited number of related children (18 years and younger). Drop-in is per person in the family. Family drop-in admission applies to the following:

  • Family members participating in drop-in programs
  • Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of children participating in a registered program. (eg, Drop-in swim)
  • Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of children participating in a sport group activity. (eg, Swim Club)
  • Family members do not need to participate in the same activity to qualify for family admission
  • Family members must be together at the facility's front counter to receive family pricing

Swipe Passes expire 2 years from the date of purchase

Payment Plan is currently offered on the 1-Year Family Pass

Quick Fit only applies to parents of children participating in registered programs

Seniors are eligible to receive a free City-wide Senior Services Membership with purchase of a 1-year Seniors Full Facility Pass. For more details or to redeem this offer, please ask the front desk staff at your local recreation centre. LAP Members are not eligible for this offer

Monthly Payment Options

Surrey offers monthly payment options on 1-year full-facility passes. Make monthly payments using Automatic Debit, Credit Card or post-dated cheques. Payments will be withdrawn on the 1st day of each month.

Returned or Declined Payments

A $5 fee will be charged for declined automatic debit and credit card payments. A $30 fee will be charged for declined cheques.

Program Withdrawal Fee

If you withdraw from a registered program within 72 hours of the program starting, you will be charged a $5 withdrawal fee.

Annual Pass Cancellation Policy

A $5 fee will be charged to cancel a full-facility annual pass.

Financial Assistance

Through the Leisure Access Program, Surrey ensures that culture and recreation services are available to all Surrey residents.

Specialty admissions

The following fees are valid during specific times for select drop-in programs. Please consult your recreation facility for more details.

  Drop-In 10 Swipe 20 Swipe 1 Month 1 Year
Parent and Preschool          
1st Child $4.50 - - - -
Additional Child $2.25 - - - -
Stay and Play          
1st Child $3.25 $29.25 - - -
Additional Child $1.50 $13.50 - - -
1st Child $4.50 40.50 81.00    
Additional Child $2.25        

Arena Fees

In addition to the General Admissions and Passes fees, the following fees are in effect at all Surrey Operated Arenas.

  Drop-In 10 Swipe 20 Swipe 1 Month 1 Year
Daytime Skate $3.25 - - - -
Drop-In Rec Hockey - - - - -
Weekday (Monday-Friday) $8.00 $72.00 - - -
Weekend (Saturday-Sunday) $11.00 $99.00 - - -
Parent And Youth Hockey          
Adult $8.00 - - - -
Youth $6.75 - - - -
- - - - - -
Skate Rental $3.25 $29.25 - - -
Helmet Rental $1.75 $15.75 - - -
Skate Sharpening $7.50 $67.50 - - -