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Community Gardens

community gardens

Join a community garden to benefit from locally grown food if you don't have space to grow your own vegetables at home. Community gardens are more than just places to grow healthy vegetables. They're a great place to get involved with your community,meet new friends, and enjoy the outdoors.

Surrey currently has 7 established community gardens located in City parks - but, we're keen to support more if there is interest. Learn how to start a new community garden on City land.

Check out the City's Sustainability Dashboard for key indicators related to local food, including community garden plots,  and the Community Food Resource map for the location of all community gardens in Surrey.

For more information, or if you'd like to start a new community garden, email us at or call 604-501-5050.


Cedar Grove Organic Community Garden

Check out urban agriculture at the Cedar Grove Organic Community Garden.

Garden plots at the Dunsmuir Community Gardens

Dunsmuir Community Gardens

Smell the blooms at Dunsmuir Community Gardens, or enjoy the green space in this South Surrey park's natural areas and trails.

Hazelnut Meadows Community Garden

Hazelnut Meadows Community Gardens

Experience urban agriculture at its best with a visit to the Hazelnut Meadows Community Garden, located in Hazlenut Meadows Park.

Holly Park

Holly Park

Spend some time in the community garden, on the playground, or try a sports amenities in Holly Park.

Raised Garden Beds

Intergenerational Therapeutic Garden

Visit and learn about the therapeutic benefits of gardening.

Lionel Courchene Garden starts to grow

Lionel Courchene Community Garden

Learn more about the City of Surrey's newest community garden at Lionel Courchene Park.

Community Garden

Neighbourhood Community Gardens

Find out about other community gardens in Surrey that are not operated by the City of Surrey.

QE Meadows Community Garden Plots

Queen Elizabeth Meadows Community Garden

QE Meadows Community Garden provides opportunties for students and residents to grow food locally.