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Fergus Watershed Biodiversity Preserve

Fergus Park


1277 168 Street, Surrey BC

About Fergus Watershed Biodiversity Preserve

Fergus Watershed Biodiversity Preserve is located at 168th Street at 14th Avenue in South Surrey. The City acquired the park in 2009 to protect the Fergus Creek headwaters and to provide opportunities for residents to enjoy nature.

Currently the site is undeveloped. You'll find a variety of natural areas, including open meadow, forest and wetland.  Multiple channels of Fergus Creek drain south through the park into the Little Campbell River.  Take care as you explore as the streams are fish bearing and home to important and sensitive habitat. 

Information and Updates

The management plan for this beautiful open space was approved by Council, March 23, 2015. Read the management plan to learn more about this site.

City of Surrey Parks will now work to develop this parkland in keeping with the management plan to protect, enhance and preserve the different natural areas on site.

More Information

Call or email us for more information.

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Call: 604-501-5050