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Francis Park

Francis Park


15951 - 83 Avenue, Surrey BC

About Francis Park

Francis Park is located at the south side of the Fleetwood Community Centre and Library.  Within the park you'll find lots of open grass space as well as a popular 300 m walking loop. There are also a number of benches for relaxing as well as a range of exercise and play equipment.

Francis Park was named after Edith Francis, sister of Arthur Thomas Fleetwood (after whom the community of Fleetwood was named).  She was instrumental in naming the community of Fleetwood, and was one of the founding members of the Fleetwood Community Association, formed in 1923.  The park was named after Edith Francis in honour of her contribution to the community.

Park Upgrades

Since the development of Francis Park in 2009, the community has expressed a need for a pavilion and playground in the park. In response to this need, the City presented preliminary project information and a preliminary concept plan at a public Open House on January 30, 2018 at the Fleetwood Community Centre. Feedback was collected through comment forms at the Open House and an online survey in mid February to early March, 2018. Of the 131 respondents, 79% were in support of the addition of a pavilion, and 80% were in support of the addition of a playground to the park. The majority of respondents indicated their support for the overall design concept.

A detailed concept plan was presented to community stakeholder groups in late March. Some community groups expressed concerns about the playground being located on the east end of the park and being in close proximity to the pavilion.

The rationale behind locating the playground and pavilion in the proposed location is:

  • there are good sight lines lines from 160 St which will create a safer park environment;
  • they are both easily accessible from the Fleetwood Community Centre;
  • there are limited options for alternative locations due to the future Community Centre expansion; and,
  • to retain vehicle access from the Community Centre onto the lawn for event and programs.

The proposed adjacency of the pavilion and playground serves a dual purpose by:

  • creating shaded seating for playground users; and,
  • mitigating potential unsafe and negative uses by keeping active amenities together (where the people are).

The City is updating the design to accommodate concerns by shifting the orientation of the Pavilion and developing a gathering space on the west end of the park.

Review the detailed concept plan and submit your feedback to the project lead listed below by April 15, 2018.


More Information

For more information or to submit feedback, contact:


Call: 604-592-7033

Project Timeline

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  • Project Development (Complete) expand
  • Project Development (Complete)

    November 2017 - January 2018

    This phase involved project scoping, schedule development and project budgeting.

  • Site Analysis (Complete) expand
  • Site Analysis (Complete)

    December - January 2018

    This phase involved site assessment and review of prior site development.

  • Community Engagement (In Progress) expand
  • Community Engagement (In Progress)

    Winter 2018

    This phase includes collecting community feedback on the preliminary concept plan for the Pavilion and Playground. Feedback was collected through a public open house (January 30, 2018), an online survey (late February, 2018), and through general correspondence.

  • Detailed Design (Upcoming) expand
  • Detailed Design (Upcoming)

    Tentative: Winter - Spring 2018

  • Construction (Upcoming) expand
  • Construction (Upcoming)

    Tentative: Construction of Playground, Summer 2018

    Tentative: Construction of Pavilion, Begin Fall 2018