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The City of Surrey believes in providing equal opportunities for all. Our innovative programs and services ensure accessibility and inclusion are considered in order to inspire participation, create social connections, and foster lifelong learning.

Surrey's accessibility programs and services

Adapted Programs

Individuals with disabilities can participate in programs with different levels of staff or volunteer support:

  • One-to-one staff support in spring break and summer day camps for children,
  • Staff support in Adapted Programs,
  • Adapted programs for children, youth and adults,
  • SPIRIT Volunteer support.

Learn more about the adapted programs in Surrey.

Adapted Sports

Keep an active and healthy lifestyle with adapted sports like

  • wheelchair basketball,
  • boccia with SportAbility, and
  • wheelchair tennis.

See the lists of adapted sports in Surrey.

Measuring Up Committee

The Measuring Up Committee is a resource to community and business groups who want to be more inclusive and accessible to Surrey. The Committee promotes accessibility and inclusion for Surrey residents by offering accessibility and consulting services and providing a virutual hub of resources and support.

Learn more about the Measuring Up Committee.

Surrey Libraries Accessible Services

All Surrey Libraries locations are accessible, except the Port Kells Library. Surrey City Centre Library also offers READ-Ability Services, which includes

  • home delivery service for library books,
  • audiobooks, and
  • assistive technology workstations.

Learn more about the READ-Ability Services at Surrey Libraries.

Support Participation and Inclusion - Reach out, Involve and Transform (SPIRIT) Volunteer Program

Community members can get additional assistance from a SPIRIT Volunteer to participate in Surrey parks, recreation and culture activities across the city.

Website Accessibility

The City of Surrey is striving to meet website accessibility guidelines. We're doing this to ensure a great experience for all of our users. This includes accessibility considerations like

  • providing alternative text for images,
  • editing content for Plain Language, and
  • offering Google Translate.

Learn more or report an issue with website accessibility.

Building accessibility

Ensuring that our buildings and other public spaces are accessible to our community members is of the highest priority. We've been working with the Rick Hansen Foundation since 2010 on bringing accessibility to the forefront through their online platform Planat. Planat is a tool that allows visitors to rate the accessibility of a location. A number of Surrey facilities are listed on the Planat website, and you’ll be able to information at a glance with the Accessibility Summary that includes:

  • Whether the path to building entrance is free of access barriers
  • If there are any slopes along the routes to the entrance
  • Building entrance door widths
  • If accessible washrooms and features like grab bars are available
  • If accessible parking is available


Effective transportation planning is another City focus. Our buses have automated electronic and audible announcements, courtesy seating for persons with a disability and the aging population and features like ramps with the ability to lower, ensuring all transit users can disembark safely. Transit stations feature tactile warning surfaces to indicate changes in the environment—ideal for someone who is blind or may use other kinds of assistive devices.

Inclusive Hiring

The City of Surrey is focused on attracting, hiring and promoting a diverse workforce that includes individuals with disabilities. We strive to interview and hire individuals with disabilities into existing positions within the City using a minimum of modifications.  To date, we've been successful on a number of hires in a variety of roles in the City's Parks, Recreation and Culture department using this approach.

Surrey's Inclusive Hiring Fair

Surrey WorkBC and the City of Surrey has partnered to host a hiring fair that features employers from various industries who are committed to inclusive hiring practices. Job seekers are encouraged to bring their resume and meet with inclusive hiring employers, learn about employment opportunities and prepare to be interviewed.

Park accessibility

Surrey Parks staff are guided through audits of parks by a Universal Access Audit Manual and Checklist. This checklists helps staff gain a hands-on understanding of universal access and to apply this knowledge to site development.

An example of a park this checklist was utilized on is Redwood Park. Redwood Park Playground is an accessible playground in the South Surrey area. The playground is designed to work in conjunction with the parks unique and interesting history and characteristics.

The layout was developed to accommodate the mature trees in the area and work with the natural flow of the land. The playground was created for inclusive play and will provide children of all ages and abilities an opportunity to express themselves through physical and imaginative play.

The area consists of numerous “play-pods” which are mini playgrounds that provide different types of play. The playground also offers several elevated and surface level play structures to promote inclusion and creative play. The surface materials used include recycled BC rubber, engineered wood fibre, and washed river sand.

Give feedback or learn more about building an accessible community - contact Tara Roberts, Support Services & Accessibility Manager at