Learn about economic development in Surrey with these key documents that outline our initiatives.

The City of Surrey is committed to creating a vibrant business community that involves job development, investment, entrepreneurship, and innovation. There are several key documents in place that guide our economic development initiatives and shape our priorities, including the Economic Strategy and the Economic Diversification Strategy.

Economic Strategy

Our Economic Strategy outlines our 4 strategic priorities for becoming a regional nexus for commerce and a nationally recognized centre for innovation within the next decade:

  1. Attracting Investment to Transform Surrey
  2. Growing Surrey's Innovation Economy
  3. Building Distinct & Competitive Business Communities
  4. Creating Jobs and Developing Our Workforce

The City of Surrey Economic Strategy 2017-2027 is available in two parts:

Or for a quick overview of the Economic Strategy, see our Economic Strategy Overview.

Economic Diversification Strategy

The Economic Diversification Strategy identifies Surrey's approach to creating a strong and resilient economy to support the 50-year vision outlined in our Sustainability Charter, with a focus on 5 priority sectors:

Additional Documents

  • The City Centre brochure highlights completed, under construction, or planned developments for the area.
  • The Employment Lands Strategy defines our strategies for how the City will manage Surrey's employment lands.
  • The Energy Shift brochure identifies the integrated approach City is taking to sustainable energy and climate action.
  • The Red Tape Reduction brochure identifies the City's commitment to reducing unnecessary bureaucracy.
  • The Surrey Investment Opportunities document identifies advantages to investing in Surrey. (Note that the Economic Investment Zone Incentives are no longer in effect in City Centre and Bridgeview/South Westminster)

 For more information on any of these initiatives, contact econdev@surrey.ca or 604-591-4128.