An integrated community safety and wellbeing strategy for our community.

In October 2023, Council, through the Public Safety Committee, endorsed a staff recommendation to develop an integrated strategy for community safety and wellbeing for Surrey.

Winter 2024 engagement

Thank you for your input in person and through our survey. Our survey is now closed. 

In 2017 the City launched the Public Safety Strategy

This comprehensive framework for programs and services supported public safety across four key areas:

  1. Preventing and reducing crime
  2. Ensuring safe places
  3. Building community connections
  4. Supporting vulnerable people

The Public Safety Strategy has informed programming and the development of new initiatives such as the SAFE program.

The Integrated Community Safety and Wellbeing Strategy will build upon the City’s ongoing success

It will continue in the delivery of services and programs aimed at nurturing a sense of belonging and improving the physical and psychological safety of all residents in Surrey.

The City is starting a new community dialogue about evolving our approach to a broader focus on integrated community safety and wellbeing. Stay tuned as we launch community events and begin to gather feedback on the new integrated community safety and wellbeing strategy.

Project timeline

  • Completed
  • Started
  • Pending
Summer 2023

Background research

  • Conduct jurisdictional scan across Canada
  • Identify leading and emerging policy priorities
  • Prepare background paper
Fall 2023 - winter 2024


  • Launch a survey to collect community insights on safety and wellbeing priorities
  • Facilitate sharing circles and other engagement events with diverse community members to gather community knowledge and insights that will inform the strategy
Winter 2024 - early spring 2024

Reflecting & refining

  • Present engagement findings with Public Safety and Social Equity and Liveability Committee(s) for review and input
  • Develop a strategy and implementation framework for Committee endorsement
Late spring 2024

Finalizing the strategy

  • Finalize strategy documents and design
  • Present strategy to Council
Summer 2024

Launch & implementation

  • Deliver events and activities to launch strategy
  • Facilitate implementation of strategy initiatives
  • Develop reporting framework
Winter 2024


  • Present progress report to Public Safety Committee


Talia Ahmad, Senior Policy and Program Lead

Strategic Planning and Responses Division