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Take the Dip

Every September in Surrey, residents sign up to Take the Dip and take action against water pollution in our creeks, streams and rivers. Join us on World Rivers Day, on September 30, 2018, as we gather a snap shot of water quality in Surrey's waterways.

Watch the Ansley Family above in their YouTube video above as they participated in a past Take the Dip event! Mr. Ansley commented,

"My wife and I love to expose our kids to new things and enjoy educating them on subjects relating to where we live […] We appreciate initiatives like this that combine getting outside, science and learning, but also adding the chance to get a little bit creative."

Surrey’s Take the Dip supports local and worldwide initiatives undertaking watershed protection awareness programs. The results of each Dip will help us pinpoint pollution concerns that can affect the habitats of local salmon, trout and other aquatic bugs and plants. The more Dips we get the better chance we have at taking action to support our healthy water habitats!

How to Take the Dip

To participate in Take the Dip, simply pick up a Take the Dip kit at a participating Surrey Library or recreation centre. Use our Take the Dip kit to collect a sample of water. Conduct five quick colour-changing instant tests, record your results, submit them, and you are done. This takes only 15 minutes. This is a fast and easy way to show your support for local rivers in one easy dip.

Where to Take the Dip

You can find a stream crossing near you on the City's COSMOS mapping system (Pick any ‘Map Type’ option and look for the light blue lines that have a creek name along them). You can also look for a salmon-bearing stream sign at a road crossing, but remember to dip safely from a bridge or road crossing.

One Day, One Dip. Make a Difference.

Show your support for local rivers and Take the Dip! Hundreds of people participate annually. You can take the Dip once or you can do it several times, every little bit helps.

Have a school group or community group that is interested in being a part of an ongoing stream assessment project? Check out the Dip for Groups and Classes to learn about presentations and activities supplied to schools who decided to take the Dip. How to take the dip

Dip Results

When you are finished with your Dip kits, we encourage you to mail in or drop them off as soon as possible so that your Take the Dip efforts can be included with the rest of the test results and make the most of the information collected.

Remember to drop the kits off to participating Surrey Facilities as they can be refilled and used again.

See recent Take the Dip results and learn more about what these mean using our Understanding the Dip Results Guide.

Where the Dip Results Go

Your dip will help protect little Coho salmon fry as well as many other aquatic species of salmon, trout, bugs and plants all over the City.

Once all the mail-back postcards are returned, a summary spreadsheet with results around the City will created and the information will be forwarded to national and international organizations, such as Evergreen Canada, the World Water Monitoring Challenge and Freshwater Watch.

Visit their websites for more information about other water quality awareness campaigns happening locally and around the world.

There are also more City fish programs, such as SHaRP for students.

Water Pollution

Even if the water in your sample looks clean, it may have small amounts of pollutants or chemicals in it that can affect how well salmon, trout, and other aquatic bugs and plants live in the stream or creek. Everything that makes its way through a storm drain on the street goes to a nearby stream or creek.

If you see a spill or pollution concern, call the Service Request Hotline at 604-591-4152 (24hrs).

For more information about Take the Dip, email

Group taking the DIP

Take The Dip For Groups & Classes

Sign up your class or group to receive Take the Dip kits and enter the challenge.