People working out at the gym physically distanced.

Learn 5 tips for successfully restarting your fitness program and staying healthy.

August 19, 2020
Parks & Recreation Release

We know you’re more than ready to get back to your workout routine. But before you do, here’s 5 tips for successfully restarting your fitness program and staying healthy. 

1. Take it Slow

Don’t start with Bootcamp or your heaviest weight if you haven’t been working out while hunkering down.  Start slowly and work back up to top form. Nothing is more upsetting than being sidelined by injuries after everything else we’ve been through. 

2. Be Adaptable

With reduced capacity and sessions limited to 1 hour in the fitness centre, you may need to change the time of day that you workout or limit the time you spend on popular pieces of equipment like treadmills. You can still get in a great workout. Just go with the flow… 

3. Stay Hydrated

You’ll need to bring your own water as water fountains will be closed, but if you can lift it, you can bring it. 

4. Focus on Goals

Trying to lose extra weight?  Training for a future marathon? Focus on incremental wins over time. Being consistent by working out each week will help you achieve your goal.  

5. Stay Healthy by Staying Safe

Don’t take chances. Wash your hands when you come into the facility and on your way out. And please wipe down equipment before and after you use it. Remain 6 feet apart from everyone. Don’t work out if you’re sick. Wear a mask if that makes you more comfortable.