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The Cloverdale Sport & Ice Complex will provide additional ice in Cloverdale.

July 6, 2021
Capital Projects
Media Release

Surrey, B.C. – At the June 28, 2021 Council meeting, Council approved the next step of the Cloverdale Sport & Ice Complex. Council approved Taylor Kurtz Architecture + Design Inc. (TKA) in association with Rounthwaite, Dick and Hadley Architects Inc. (RDH) to complete their original design scope and construction administration services.

The Cloverdale Sport & Ice Complex project is part of the Surrey Invests capital projects plan that will see over 20 new facilities and infrastructure projects built to benefit our residents. All projects will get underway this year and are included in the Five-Year (2021-2025) Financial Plan – Capital Program.

“One of the hallmarks of Surrey are the state-of-the-art recreational and athletic facilities that have been built in the City,” said Mayor Doug McCallum. “As Surrey continues to grow and prosper with more people moving here, it is important that our public amenities keep pace with our growth. I am glad that Council has moved quickly on this project as the new Cloverdale Sport & Ice Complex will give our residents and athletes more options for ice sports and programs.”

The Cloverdale Sport & Ice Complex will provide additional ice in Cloverdale to meet the community’s needs for ice hockey, figure skating, public lessons, skating sessions and dry-floor summer use for sports such as lacrosse and ball hockey. The facility not only serves the Cloverdale community with additional ice sports and programming but will add ice capacity to the City overall. The facility will be designed and built with high-quality architecture and design materials. Site development will include a new roadway extension with related engineering utility services, onsite parking, construction and landscaping interfaces to support the building and compliment the adjacent park spaces.

Utilizing the design work that has already been completed, TKA+RDH and their design team will proceed to completing necessary design development work. Construction commencement will follow in early 2022 with an expected opening in fall/winter 2023.

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