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Council approves final adoption of Plastics and Single-Use Bylaw. Data shows 92% of Surrey businesses are already planning transition.

October 20, 2021
Media Release

Surrey, BC – At Monday’s regular Council Meeting, Council approved the final adoption of the Plastics and Single-Use Bylaw, which requires affected businesses to comply with the new requirements.  With the Bylaw now in effect, the City will proceed with discretionary enforcement and continue educating businesses. By taking action on plastic bags and Styrofoam, the City will eliminate the estimated 25 million plastic checkout bags and 7 million foam containers and cups currently used annually throughout Surrey.

“The implementation of this new Bylaw is an important change for the Surrey business sector and for residents, so city staff have been working diligently to educate and provide support to ensure a smooth transition to more sustainable alternatives,” said Mayor Doug McCallum. “We are happy to report that through community outreach, 92% of Surrey Businesses are already preparing for this shift. Clearly, there is huge support within out community to be leaders in sustainability.”

Ahead of the Bylaw coming into effect, the City a launched a successful education and communication outreach campaign for both residents and businesses.  Data results indicate that 92% of Surrey businesses with either already transitioned, are in the process of transitioning, or were in the planning phase to meet the target date. Public sentiment also indicated that 83% support the banning of plastic bags and 86% support banning Styrofoam take-out containers and cups.

With final adoption of the Bylaw, Surrey will be the first city in Metro Vancouver to implement a ban on plastic checkout bags.

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