Raking leaves

See leaves blocking a storm drain? Here's what you should do.

November 14, 2023

It’s officially fall, and although the changing colours of the leaves this season are beautiful, they can create flooding issues in our neighbourhoods. 

Storm drains (also known as catch basins) can become covered with leaves and debris, preventing stormwater from moving through the drain and into the nearest stream. If a backup occurs, road and neighbourhood flooding is more likely to occur. 

Help prevent drains from flooding

Move it

Do not rake or blow leaves onto the roadway. This can cause flooding.

When raking or blowing leaves on your property, move the leaves towards a collection area instead of onto the roadway or storm drain. Then, at the end of your collection, gather the leaves and put them in your green bin (or use/save them as discussed above!)

Clear it

If you live near a storm drain or like to walk around the neighbourhood, look for covered storm drains. Use a tool or stick to move the leaves out of the storm drain path if you see one.

Save it

Save a bag or two of fallen leaves in your garage over the fall/winter, and in the springtime, add them to your soil for planting. The rich nutrients from the leaves are a great addition to any garden. 

Use it

Shred leaves and use them around the base of trees and shrubs. The mulch retains moisture in the soil and limits weeds. Just be sure not to put the leaves directly near the trunk of the tree.

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Contact info

To report flooding of City property call:

604-591-4152 during business hours

604-591-4431 on evenings and weekends