City staff pruning a tree

Residents reminded not to cut City trees.

March 7, 2023
Media Release
Parks & Recreation

Surrey, B.C. – City of Surrey reminds residents that it is against City bylaws to prune or cut trees on City property without permission. To ensure the health and safety of trees and the community, City trees are pruned and maintained on a schedule by certified arborists. They are typically pruned every three years until the age of nine, and every five years thereafter.

“We are reminding residents to leave the pruning or cutting of trees to professionals,” said Robin Landucci, Urban Forestry Manager. “Trees are valuable assets that require investment in proper care. The City of Surrey uses professional, trained arborists to properly maintain trees for both public safety and tree health.”

Protecting and maintaining the health of Surrey’s trees is vital to the community. Trees provide many benefits such as reducing urban temperatures and energy costs, managing rainwater, cleaning air, improving mental and physical wellbeing, and increasing property values.

The cutting of City trees on City property is regulated by Surrey’s Tree Protection Bylaw. It is against City bylaws to cut trees located on City property. Find out if a tree near your property can be pruned or not by calling 604-501-5050 to speak to a City arborist.

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