Kids playing a hockey game.

Hockey requires investment in proper equipment to play the game safely. 

November 10, 2021
Parks & Recreation

Ice hockey is a fun way to get kids involved in a team sport where they can enjoy the camaraderie of playing with others, while learning important values like sportsmanship. However, hockey also requires investment in proper equipment to play the game safely. Here’s what parents need to know about getting their kids outfitted for hockey. 

The Basics: 

Depending on the quality of the equipment, expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $500 to outfit children with the basics which include: helmet with face shield or cage, neck guard, jersey, hockey pants, jock or jill underwear, stick, gloves, pads, socks and skates. Goalies require goalie pads and mask. 

Should you Buy New vs. Used? 

Kids grow quickly and often outgrow their equipment long before they wear it out. While purchasing used equipment is fine, look for newer equipment to get the latest in safety standards. Whether you find equipment online, at an equipment swap or purchase brand new, it’s important that your child try it on first to ensure proper fit and comfort.  

Important Considerations

Helmets are by far the most important piece of equipment for your child’s safety and protection. Must be certified by the Canadian Standards Association and will say CSA approved. Non-CSA approved helmets are not allowed to be used inside City of Surrey arenas. Do not use a helmet that has sustained a major impact or has any visible signs of damage (cracks, missing parts). Your child’s helmet should fit snugly without any pressure points. Kids should try on different styles to find the best fit for their head shape. 

Skates generally fit 1-2 sizes lower than your shoe size. Children with ill fitting skates won’t be able to skate or stop properly and won’t enjoy the game or continue playing. Be sure that the heel fits firmly in the skate and that there is not too much space at the front. The tighter the skate, the better the performance. Skates need to be sharpened before using and regularly afterwards.  

Correctly Sized for Today: 

It’s better to purchase equipment that is less expensive rather than too large. While it’s tempting to purchase something that your child will grow into and have for a few years, properly sized equipment is safer and easier to use.  

Equipment Specific to Hockey: 

Equipment from other sports is not made the same way and will not offer the level of protection required for ice hockey. Always purchase hockey specific gear. 

Where to Find Equipment: 

  • Sporting goods stores 
  • Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Kijjii 
  • Used sporting goods stores  
  • Friends, family members 
  • Equipment Swaps: sports organizations often organize annual swaps