Fifty Shades of Vinyl Show

Join Surrey Civic Theatres Digital Stage for a one-man show performed by Nico Dicecco, premiering February 12, 2021 at 7pm.

February 6, 2021
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Surrey, BC – Get February off to a flying start with HappySad Theatre as they present a loving tribute to Stuart McLean—with a saucy twist. Fifty Shades of Vinyl: A Canadian Parody, follows "Dale" and "Marney" as they stumble into a new chapter in their bedroom. Never scandalous, always hilarious, 50 Shades of Vinyl a heartfelt homage to an iconic Canadian storyteller.

Performed by Nico Dicecco, the show’s creation has humble origins. “Many years ago, I was in Grad school, and me and my good friend and co-founder of HappySad Theatre, Kyle Carpenter, would entertain each other and friends at parties by doing Stuart McLean impressions…and think of the filthiest things we could say in that wonderful, warm and gentle way that Stuart McLean spoke. And y’know…it was a good source of cheap laughs, but eventually we figured out it was a lot funnier and a lot more interesting storytelling if we just explored how Stuart McLean might have actually talked about sex if he were allowed to talk about it on the CBC.”

Once Dicecco and Carpenter decided to write a show using this premise, they worked hard on their first draft that they finished about a month before Stuart McLean passed away, so he never got to know about the show. “In all honesty we dreamed of making Stuart McLean laugh. And now, after having spoken with people who knew Stuart, I get the sense that he would have gotten a chuckle out of our show,” said Dicecco.

The show has already toured various Canadian cities, including performances in Vancouver, Montreal, Regina, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Chilliwack.

So far, Dicecco says the reception to the show has been overwhelmingly receptive and supportive. “To be honest, the best things about this show has been the outpouring of love, joy and remembrance for Stuart McLean. Just getting to connect with audience members over Vinyl Café stories that they loved is incredible. It’s so special to hear how his storytelling has been such a part of their lives, often since childhood."

Being a huge fan of McLean for many years is definitely something Dicecco relates to. He said, “There is so much I love about Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Café. The show was my first introduction to storytelling that I couldn’t tear myself away from. I remember being a young fella in the car with my Mom the very first time that I heard Stuart McLean on the radio. We pulled into our driveway and my Mom was just about to turn off the radio and I said, ‘Nooooo! No, you can’t! I have to hear this’. I had never felt so gripped by a story. I just needed to know what happened. I needed to see how all the pieces came together and I just needed to keep laughing. It was just so funny.”

The show runs from February 12–28 , 2021 and patrons can enjoy a valued-added performance on February 15 featuring a musical performance by Amanda Sum. This performance also includes an after-show live chat with Nico Dicecco to commemorate the fourth anniversary of Stuart McLean’s passing.

Dicecco said the show has broad appeal for fans and newcomers to the magic of McLean alike. “Everyone loves it because the storytelling is strong, there are interesting characters, the stakes are high and it’s that rollercoaster of live performance that audiences really get a kick out of. It really is a great time for anyone who wants a light, fun, hilarious show.”

These online performances and shows are designed to help people staying home connect with the performing arts.

Advisory Warning: Adult content and some coarse language, recommended 16+.

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