Learn how to submit an online request for traffic camera video footage.

When we discover that our traffic cameras have recorded a collision, we save those video clips to help us improve road safety in Surrey. 

You can submit a request for video footage that has been recorded by one of our traffic cameras. When submitting your request you’ll need to tell us the event location, date, and time.

We cannot fulfill requests for video footage from Provincial highways including:

  • Highway 10 (56/58 Avenue)

  • Highway 15 (176 Street)

  • Highway 17
  • Highway 99

These cameras are owned by the Provincial government. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure's camera program can be contacted at tran_camera_program@gov.bc.ca


The cost for us to search our records and process your request is $360 plus tax and administration fees. We accept Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard and American Express.

Search fees are non-refundable, even if we do not have the footage you requested.

Request Process

We will start a search for your video footage after you submit your request. We will provide an update on the outcome of our search typically within five business days.

If we find the footage, we will email you a link to the video footage. We will also let you know if we can’t find the footage you are requesting.

Request Traffic Camera Footage


Personal information

By default, our cameras are zoomed out so that licence plates and faces are not recognizable. This is to protect the public’s right to privacy.

Sometimes our cameras inadvertently capture personally identifiable information. When we receive traffic camera footage requests, we make sure this information is obscured. We adhere to the requirements of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act before disclosing the video.

You can request footage that does not obscure yourself or other people. You will need to submit an Authorization for The City Of Surrey To Release form for all affected individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that you have the video I want?

We cannot guarantee we have the video you want.

If emergency services attended the incident and it was within view of a nearby traffic camera that captured the incident, then it is probable that the City may have archived the footage you are requesting.

The City archives still camera images from cameras at key city intersections. Archived still images are accessible through the traffic camera footage request portal. Once you input the event location, date and time, there is a camera preview to see still images over the last 30 days. This will help you decide if your incident was in the frame of view of a nearby camera.

From how far back do you keep video files?

Video from traffic cameras is automatically deleted after 30 days and is unrecoverable. However, the City archives video of collisions we are made aware of past 30 days for road safety and engineering purposes.

Videos older than 30 days may still be available if we were aware of the collision and it was visible on camera.

This archive dates back to 2011.

Why do you not have video for the time I requested?

Reasons a video is unavailable at the time of request include:

  • the collision was out of frame
  • technical issues
  • the customer requests video where we don't own a camera nearby

  • we were not notified of the incident to archive it before its data was overwritten after 30 days

Due to privacy and safety concerns, staff only archive video when the collision is clearly visible on the camera. Recordings end before any sensitive or personal information of the parties involved in the incident are identifiable.

Why won't I get a refund if you don't provide me with a video?

There is a non-refundable fee for requesting video footage. The fee covers costs to the City to process requests and search for the described video. The fee is not for the video footage itself.

If any details from your original request were incorrect (like location, date, or time) we will search again at no additional cost.

Can I request video showing licence plates?

No. Since the cameras are for traffic monitoring and management, the default position is set to be zoomed out to a wide angle view. The resolution is also intentionally set low so that video will not capture license plates or a person’s face to protect the public's right to privacy.

We cannot enhance the quality of the video to be able to view license plates.

Why is my request being reviewed by a Freedom of Information Act (FOI) analyst?

Our FOI team reviews videos and documentation for videos that contain visible impact to vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists, etc. This prevents the disclosure of sensitive information.

Why do I need a consent form, where do I download it, and who do I send it to?

The City adheres to Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) requirements before disclosing video footage.

When a video potentially contains identifiable personal information, consent to disclosure forms for all affected individuals whose movements are visible in the video are required. Then, our staff can analyze the footage to protect privacy.

Download Form

Send the form to traffic@surrey.ca and include your service request number or order ID.

How do I receive my requested video?

All requested video footage is sent to the requester securely via the City's Managed File Transfer system. A link is sent to the email address provided with the request. Video footage will only be sent to the original requester and cannot be released to third parties.

In-person pickup is not available.

Why can’t I open the video?

The videos we provide are best viewed in VLC media player. You can download VLC for free from their website. We may not be able to support issues encountered using other media players.

Why is the video quality sometimes poor?

The video recording file compression and brief interruptions in data communications as the video is being recorded sometimes results in pixelation, or artifacts, in the video image. These artifacts cannot be corrected once they are recorded.


Still have a question? Reach out to EngWebmail@surrey.ca.