A streetview with some historic street fronts

The perfect backdrop for your production.

The perfect backdrop for your production.

The Cloverdale Fairgrounds offer productions a range of unique buildings, open spaces, and extensive on-site parking. This vast area of 140 acres in Surrey is just a 30 minute drive from Vancouver.  The City of Surrey is a film-friendly municipality and our Film Office will work with your production to meet your needs.

Five unique venues and six parking lots all contained on one site.


30,000 square feet of clear span space with no beams or posts and a ceiling height of 28’ to 51’. Concrete, firetruck-rated floor with ample power and large roll-up bay doors. 

Alice McKay Building

A 7,000 sq. ft. gymnasium facility with large roll-up bay doors and a driveable floor.

Bill Reid Millennium Amphitheatre

An open grass space with a large stage that is 60’x40’ adjacent to a large pond.

Shannon Hall 

A 7,000 sq. ft. gymnasium complete with hardwood floors, bar and kitchen areas.

Stetson Bowl Stadium 

100,000 sq. ft. with bleacher seating for 4,000.

For filming enquires please contact the Film Office at 604-598-5759 or at fiilming@surrey.ca. Learn more about Filming in Surrey to get started.