Learn about the different ways you can make your business more eco-friendly.


Going green can help your business save money while reducing its environmental impacts. Actions such as reducing waste and using your energy more efficiently not only cut greenhouse gas emissions, but improve your bottom line.

You will find that using more sustainable business practices will enhance marketability, innovation and profitability.

Learn about the different ways you can make your business more sustainable and what programs can help you get there.

  • Reducing Waste: Get ideas on how to reduce your waste and take advantage of Surrey’s recycling services. You can help reach Surrey’s target in diverting waste from landfills!
  • TransLink TravelSmart for Businesses: Discover different ways you and your employees can commute to save the environment and your money.
  • Green Buildings: From new construction to retrofitting old buildings, access the information you need to build green, and find out what incentives are available to you.

Programs and incentives for businesses

Want some help reducing your environmental impacts? A number of cost-effective programs and incentives are available for business owners:

  • Climate Smart Businesses: Join over 2 dozen Surrey businesses that have developed a business case for reducing their carbon footprint. The Climate Smart program helps you measure your emissions, develop a plan, and leverage your success.
  • City Green: This program offers a wide range of energy efficiency services, including free energy efficiency assessments to help you find retrofit opportunities and identify incentives to help you upgrade.
  • NRCan FleetSmart Program: Reduce the fuel use and operating costs of your fleet with fuel-efficient driver training, fuel management workshops, a fuel consumption calculator, and more.
  • Fraser Basin Council’s E3 Fleet Program: E3 Fleet provides tools and services as part of a national fleet management program, including a custom assessment of your fleet’s performance and opportunities for improvement.

Preventing water pollution at your business

Going green with your business means doing your part to reduce water pollution. Review the brochures on water pollution. Each brochure outlines best practices for industries known for being common causes of point or non-point source pollution.

City of Surrey vendors

The City now requires vendors to report their fuel usage for any contracts to carry out traditional services (excluding capital works). This includes maintenance or operating contracts for:

  • Drinking water, storm and wastewater
  • Solid waste collection, transportation and diversion
  • Roads and traffic operations
  • Arts, recreation and cultural services
  • Fire protection

Use our City of Surrey Vendor Reporting Tool to track your vehicle’s fuel use, and email the completed form to our Sustainability Office at sustainability@surrey.ca at year-end, or the completion of your contract.