Meeting Notices, Agendas, & Public Hearing Items for the Week of November 27, 2023.

2023 Council Meeting Schedule

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Council Meeting Types

Learn about the four types of council meetings. All regular council and committee meetings are open to the public. 

Open to the public, this less formal meeting of City Council is usually held on Monday afternoons. This meeting provides a forum for the public to bring concerns before Council to be heard. These meetings also deal with reports and recommendations from City staff that generally require a presentation or a more lengthy discussion process.

Official community plan, zoning bylaw, or other land-use applications are first introduced at the Land Use meetings held on Monday afternoons. Council reviews and comments on the applications brought forward by the Planning Department and decides whether or not to proceed to resident input in a Public Hearing meeting. Once the public has had the opportunity to provide input, the applications are reviewed again at a future Land Use meeting at which time they may be approved or denied.

When an application for change to an official community plan or zoning bylaw is received, a public hearing is held in order for local residents to provide input that will assist Council in the decision-making process. These open meetings are held on Monday evenings and are livestreamed on our website. Archived recordings of proceedings are also available for two years following the meeting.

This is a brief meeting held in order to close the next meeting to the public and explain why. A Closed meeting is also called an 'In-Camera' meeting although the meeting is not filmed.


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Public Hearing Items - December 4, 2023

Welcome back to Council Chambers! Council meetings will be held in person. Learn how to participate in and attend this special council meeting.



Planning File No. 7922-0221-00 & 7922-0222-00 7790 King George Boulevard and 7850 King George Boulevard
(7890 King George Boulevard)
Bylaw Notice

Bylaw No. 21096 

Bylaw No. 21097

Bylaw No. 21098

Bylaw No. 21099

Bylaw No. 21100

Bylaw No. 21101

Bylaw No. 21102

Planning File No. 7923-0065-00 6568 - 129A Street Bylaw Notice Bylaw No. 21093



Planning File No. 7921-0282-00 10187 - 173 Street Bylaw Notice

Bylaw No. 21091

Bylaw No. 21092



Planning File No. 7922-0352-00 12538 Old Yale Road Bylaw Notice

Bylaw No. 21095


Text Amendment

Corporate Report 2023-R191   Bylaw Notice

Bylaw No. 21104

Corporate Report 2023-R162   Bylaw Notice Bylaw No. 21085


Public Notification - Rezoning

There are no speaking opportunities for Rezoning Public Notifications. Your comments must be received in writing for Council's consideration

Planning File No. 7922-0351-00 18536 – 64 Avenue Bylaw Notice Bylaw No. 21090
Planning File No. 7921-0332-00 12252 – 97 Avenue Bylaw Notice Bylaw No. 21094


Public Notification - Permits

There are no speaking opportunities for Development Variance Permits and Temporary Use Permits. Your comments must be received in writing for Council's consideration

Planning File No. 7923-0264-00 10230 - 133A Street; 13380, 13386 - 102A Avenue Temporary Use Permit Notice