See a draft summary of the most recent Surrey Council meeting.

Action Items provide a draft summary of the most recent Council meetings.  Although the minutes of the meetings will not be adopted until the next meeting, the public may review the decisions that have been made.  Action pages are posted in draft form by Legislative Services.

Regular Council - Land Use

May 6, 2024

Regular Council - Public Hearing

May 6, 2024

Most Council information is available to the public. Search, navigate and print documents related to Council meetings, including Meeting MinutesCorporate ReportsPlanning Reports and Public Hearing Notices using the City of Surrey's electronic archiving system.

These documents should be used for research purposes only and may contain slight errors and omissions. Certified copies of original documents may be obtained from the City Clerk.

If you have questions regarding Council recommendations, contact Legislative Services at or 604-591-4132.