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Greenways Master Plan

Hook Greenways

Greenways are multi-use pathways for pedestrians, cyclists and other non-motorized users. Greenways provide Surrey residents with an opportunity to walk or cycle to destinations within their community and throughout Surrey.

They promote active living and encourage the transition to more sustainable methods of transportation. Surrey's greenways knit together the green fabric of parks in the city, and provide physical connections throughout the community. 

The Greenways Plan, Connecting Communities, has been adopted by Council. The Greenways Plan is integrated with the City of Surrey's Walking Plan and Cycling Plans. The new Greenways Plan establishes a number of key principles and strategic objectives that will guide the continuing evolution of Surrey’s Greenways.

The Greenways Plan seeks to:

    1. Provide a framework for the greenway implementation process.
    2. Establish general policies for greenway routing and design.
    3. Indicate the general layout of the greenway network.
    4. Encourage the integration of greenway planning with land-use planning.
    5. Establish actions for change that influence operational decision-making in multiple departments.

Contact us by email at if you have any questions about Surrey's Greenways.