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Online Heritage Tools

Hjorth Road Elementary School 1976

Heritage in Surrey is vibrant and accessible. You can visit one of Surrey's heritage facilities in person, but there are also several ways to explore the City's past from any digital device.

Surrey Archives and Museums Online Access

Browse more than 50,000 archival photos, maps, documents and oral histories, as well as more than 2,000 Surrey-based artifacts. View popular searches, bookmark your own searches and even filter by date range.

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Heritage Mapping Tools

Surrey Time Lapse

Connect Surrey Archives’ historic images to modern day locations. Divided by city centres, this tool provides a then and now experience. Launch Surrey Time Lapse. Read the February Time Lapse Contest Rules and Regulations.

1949 Aerial Map

See a 1949 aerial shot from anywhere in Surrey. Add layers to customize your tour with present day references, such as transportation routes, property lots and addresses, parks and other civic amenities. This tool is a result of a City of Surrey partnership between the Engineering Department's GIS team and the Surrey Archives. See Surrey in 1949.