The Pattullo Bridge looking south from New Westminster towards Surrey, 1960s.

Surrey’s archival and artifact collections are at your fingertips.

Mapping Tools

Surrey Time Lapse

Connect Surrey Archives’ historic images to modern day locations. Divided by town centres, this tool provides a unique 'then and now' experience. Below is a photo of two cars driving on the left side of the road through Green Timbers in 1920. New photos are added often so check back regularly.


1949 Aerial Map

See a 1949 aerial shot from anywhere in Surrey. Add layers to customize your tour with present day references, such as transportation routes, property lots and more. This tool only works on desktop. Created in partnership by the City Engineering Department's GIS team and the Surrey Archives. 


Two cars driving on the left side of the road, 1920
Modern day city centre in 1949 from above